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Managerial Accounting (Custom) 4th Edition

Managerial Accounting (Custom) - 4th Edition - by Braun - ISBN 9781269916721
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Managerial Accounting (Custom)
4th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9781269916721

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Managerial Accounting, Fourth Edition  helps students make the connection between managerial accounting concepts and the businesses they deal with everyday through strong coverage and effective practice. By presenting actual accounting decisions made in companies like Target and J. Crew, the text’s precise coverage of the core concepts engages students in the learning process.

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Management accountant regularly faces ethical challenges. Therefore, to help managers in dealing...Explanation: Online ordering system: Online ordering system involves taking up orders online using...Explanation: Online ordering system: Online ordering system involves taking up orders online using...Explanation: Managerial accounting: Managerial accounting is also known as management accounting. It...Explanation: There are basically three types of companies: a. Service companies are an incorrect...Explanation: Job costing: It is a process which is used by the companies to identify the costs...Explanation: Cost distortion occurs when some products or jobs are overcosted while others are...Explanation: a. It is well suited for the company whose products are indistinguishable from each...Explanation: Variable cost is the cost which incurs for every unit of volume produced. Total...Explanation: Contribution Margin: Contribution margin is the excess of sales revenue after deducting...Explanation: Relevant Information Relevant Information is the information which is useful for the...Explanation: a. Strategic planning: This option is not right as strategic planning is long-term...Explanation: Decentralization means delegation of decision-making authority and responsibility to...Explanation: Flexible Budget – This budget is based on the assumptions about the future using a...a. A standard is a budget for one unit for one unit is the correct option because standard cost is...Explanation: a. Accounting rate of return is calculated on the basis of operating profit earned on...Explanation: a. Investing activities: This option is incorrect as the investing activities are not...Explanation: The methods of analyzing company’s performance by analyzing financial performance are:...Explanation: Any company can maintain the sustainability in the long run with the three pillars of...

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