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Mathematics All Around (6th Edition) 6th Edition

Mathematics All Around (6th Edition) - 6th Edition - by Tom Pirnot - ISBN 9780134434681
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Mathematics All Around (6th Edition)
6th Edition
Tom Pirnot
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134434681

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Given their widely varying backgrounds, students in Liberal Arts Math often enter the course with math anxiety. Pirnot's Mathematics All Around offers the supportive and patient writing style that students need to overcome that apprehension, developing useful skills through realistic applications that can be seen in the world around them. Relevant and approachable, the author's tone resembles the support students would receive during an instructor's office hours. The author emphasizes a problem-solving approach, reinforcing problem-solving methods and how to apply them throughout the text. The 6th Edition keeps students engaged with updated real-world applications, while also providing more support as they learn with new measurable objectives, revised exercise sets, significant enhancements to each chapter, as well as a new student Workbook.

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