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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 3rd Edition

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers - 3rd Edition - by Sybilla Beckmann - ISBN 9780321646941
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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
3rd Edition
Sybilla Beckmann
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780321646941

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Book Details

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Third Edition offers an inquiry-based approach to this course, which helps students reach a deeper understanding of mathematics.Sybilla Beckmann, known for her contributions in math education, writes a text that encourages future teachers to find answers through exploration and group work. The table of contents is organized by operation rather than number type to foster a more unified understanding of the math concepts. Throughout the text, students learn why the math works, rather than just the mechanics of how it works. In this new edition the contents have been updated and rearranged for a more natural organization.

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