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Mathematics for Machine Technology 7th Edition

Mathematics for Machine Technology - 7th Edition - by John C. Peterson, Robert D. Smith - ISBN 9781133281450
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Mathematics for Machine Technology
7th Edition
John C. Peterson, Robert D. Smith
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781133281450

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Reflecting the latest technology and tools of the trade, MATHEMATICS FOR MACHINE TECHNOLOGY, 7e provides the mathematical skills and practice that students and apprentices will use on the job in the machine trades and manufacturing fields. This comprehensive book combines math concepts with relevant machine applications through industry-specific examples, realistic illustrations, and actual machine applications. Problems and examples progress from simpler to more complex, from general math to trigonometry and solid geometry, and relate directly to how the math is used in machine trades and manufacturing fields. The new Seventh Edition also includes all-new units on electronic calipers, height gages, and electronic micrometers, as well as thorough coverage of measuring in both metric and customary systems.

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Round 0.42538 to 2 decimal places.ADD 5316+456 .Subtract 7516278 .Raise (4+2.3)3to the indicated power.A sphere has a volume, V, of 12.249 cu in. Use the formula D=V0.52363to determine the diameter, D,...Express each of the following fractions as equivalent fractions as indicated. a. 38=?32 b. 710=?100...Use a decimal equivalents table to find the decimal equivalent of 2164 .Solve the proportion 3R=119for R. If necessary, round the answer to 3 decimal places.A sheet of steel 280 centimeters long weighs 165 kilograms. A sheet 92.4 centimeters long is sheared...Express 5.037 as a percent.What is 7.25% of 43.80? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.Express these ratios in lowest fractional form. 1. 15:32A mechanic purchases a drill and impact driver kit that is listed for $139.95. He has a coupon for...Express 198 inches as feet.Express 42 792.6 millimeters as meters.For the measurement 14.304 mm find (a) the degree of precision, (b) the value that is equal to or...A shaft has a diameter of 0.45030.0006 . What are the maximum and minimum diameters of the shaft?Measure this line segment to the nearest 164.Read the decimal-inch vernier caliper measurement for this setting.Read the metric vernier caliper measurement for this setting.Use an electronic vernier caliper to measure the length of a ballpoint pen.Read the setting on the following 0.001 -inch micrometerscale. The vernier, thimble, and barrel...Read the setting of this metric micrometer scale graduated in 0.01 mm.Use a digital micrometer to measure the thickness of the cover of a book.Express each of the following lengths as indicated. a. 81 inches as feet b. 614feet as inches c. 9.6...Use the Table of BlockThicknesses of a Customary Gage Block Set under the heading "Description of...If a=2.4,b=5.2 and c=10.25 , what is the value of a2+bcb2?Subtract the signed numbers 16(8.45.2).Add (9x2y+xy5xy2),(3x2y4xy+5xy2) and (7x2y+3xy)Raise the term (2x25y3)2 to the indicated power and combine any like terms.Write the expression "A number divided by 7 plus twice the number equals 75" as an equation with the...Solve A34=218 using the addition principle of equality.Solve x3=15.Express the answer as both a common fraction and a decimal fraction.Solve 34E+(18E)=214E+12 .A workpiece or tool with a diameter of 0.750" turns at 350 revolutions per minute. Use C=3.1416DN12...Express each of the following problems as an algebraic expression. a.The sum of x and y reduced by...Refer to the Decimal-Inch Spur Gears Table under the heading "Gearing-Diametral Pitch System" in...Express 159.3596 as degrees, minutes, and seconds. If necessary, round the answer to the nearest...What is the complement of a 2741'19" angle?Determine the values of 2, 3, and 4 if l is 113.Determine the size of 1.Determine the length of a. Round the answer to 1 decimal place.A pipe has an inside circumference of 82.50 mm and an outside diameter of 28.04 mm. What is the wall...If A=30 and BD=5826 , find the measure of CD .Add, subtract, multiply, or divide each of the following exercises as indicated. a. 3718' + 8623' b....Trace this line segment two times. On one copy construct a perpendicular bisector of the segment. On...Find the area of this figure. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.Plans call for triangle BCDto be sheared off a corner of a rectangle as shown in the figure. A...Find the volume of a steel shaft that is 18.64 cm long and has a radius of 1.75 cm. Round your...A rectangular strip of steel 2 ft 4 in. long, 1 ft 6 in. wide, and 58 in. thick has four holes...In order to make a conical duct a circular sheet of metal is to be cut in the shape of a sector of a...Express each area in Exercises 1 through 6 as indicated. Round each answer to the same number of...If steel weighs 0.264 1b/cubic inch, what is the weight of this steel shaft? Round the answer to the...If tan A=4.13792 , determine the value of angle A in decimal degrees rounded to the nearest...If cos 3518', write the cofunction of the complement of the angle.Determine the sizes of Aand Bto the nearest minute.Determine the size of x to the nearest hundredth degree.In Figure 69-5, Find the distance x to the nearest hundredth of an inch.Sketch a 25125' ray on a Cartesian coordinate system and from a point on the ray sketch a right...With reference 1, name the sides of each of the following triangles as opposite, adjacent, or...Use the Law of Sines to find the length of side x to the nearest thousandths inch.For the following rectangular solid shown below: a. Compute the length Of diagonal AB. b. Compute...For the rectangular solid shown, compute the length of diagonal AB.The top, front, and side views of a compound-angular hole are shown in the figure. Compute the angle...Tooling up The top, front. and right side views of a compound-angular surface is shown the figure....Tooling up The top, front, and right side views of a part are shown in the figure. The angular...For Exercises 1 through 6, compute angles to the nearer minute or hundredth degree. Three views of a...Three views of the angular portion of a tool are shown in the figure. a. Sketch and label a...Graph the following points. Connect the points in the order they are given. What kind of geometric...Use absolute positioning to program the hole locations in the drawing.Determine the polar coordinates of points A throughout H in the figure.Express the number 110100.012as a decimal number.Express the number B70905.F816 as (a) a binary number and (b) a decimal number.Using graph paper, draw an x-axis and a y-axis and plot the following coordinates. A=(6,8) B=(3,9)...