Microbiology for Surgical Technologists (MindTap Course List) - 2nd Edition - by Margaret Rodriguez, Paul Price - ISBN 9781111306663
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Microbiology for Surgical Technologists...
2nd Edition
Margaret Rodriguez, Paul Price
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781111306663

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Witness the fascinating relationship between complex human systems and the microscopic world with MICROBIOLOGY FOR SURGICAL TECHNOLOGISTS, 2nd Edition! In addition to understanding and preventing disease transmission in perioperative settings, you will explore viruses, bacteria, and other common infections and their sources, as well as their connections to the body's systems. Health and safety discussions are also important, particularly those measures that protect you and your patients from harmful microorganisms in the operating room. MICROBIOLOGY FOR SURGICAL TECHNOLOGISTS, 2nd Edition organizes content logically according to microbial characteristics, while highlighting the relationships between microbiology departments, pathology departments, and surgical technologist responsibilities in the workplace. Plus, special features such as case studies, amusing anecdotes, and contemporary media discussions make learning fun, adding interest to every chapter while helping you prepare for an exciting career as a surgical technologist.

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