MyLab IT with Pearson eText --  Access Card -- for Exploring 2016 with Technology In Action - 14th Edition - by Alan Evans, Kendall Martin, Mary Anne Poatsy - ISBN 9780134608518
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MyLab IT with Pearson eText -- Access ...
14th Edition
Alan Evans, Kendall Martin, Mary Anne Poatsy
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134608518

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Chapter 4.P1 - Accessing, Using, And Managing SoftwareChapter 4.P2 - Application SoftwareChapter 5 - System Software: The Operating System, Utility Programs, And File ManagententChapter 5.P1 - Understanding System SoftwareChapter 5.P2 - Using System SoftwareChapter 6 - Understanding And Assessing Hardware: Evaluating Your SystemChapter 6.P1 - Evaluating Key SubsystemsChapter 6.P2 - Evaluating Other Subsystems And Making A DecisionChapter 7 - Networking: Connecting Computing DevicesChapter 7.P1 - How Networks FunctionChapter 7.P2 - Your Home NetworkChapter 8 - Managing A Digital Lifestyle: Media And EthicsChapter 8.P1 - The Impact Of Digital InformationChapter 8.P2 - Ethical Issues Of Living In The Digital AgeChapter 9 - Securing Your System: Protecting Your Digital Data And DevicesChapter 9.P1 - Threats To Your Digital AssetsChapter 9.P2 - Protecting Your Digital PropertyChapter 10 - Behind The Scenes: Software ProgrammingChapter 10.P1 - Understanding ProgrammingChapter 10.P2 - Programming LanguagesChapter 11 - Behind The Scenes: Databases And Information SystemsChapter 11.P1 - Database FundamentalsChapter 11.P2 - How Businesses Use DatabasesChapter 12 - Behind The Scenes: Networking And Security In The Business WorldChapter 12.P1 - Client/server Networks And TopologiesChapter 12.P2 - Setting Up Business NetworksChapter 13 - Behind The Scenes: How The Internet WorksChapter 13.P1 - Inner Workings Of The InternetChapter 13.P2 - Coding And Communicating On The InternetChapter A - The History Of The Personal ComputerChapter B - Careers In It

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Explore, discover, and experience technology with the interactive  and adaptive Technology in Action-the book that uses technology to teach technology! This book offers a learning system that pushes the envelope of what is possible in technology, and what is helpful in teaching. Although students are more comfortable with the digital environment than ever, their knowledge of the devices they use every day is still limited. The authors focus on tasks that students can accomplish with their devices, and skills they can apply immediately in the workplace, the classroom, and at home. This book fits the way students are learning today.

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