Physical Chemistry - 2nd Edition - by Ball,  David W. (david Warren), BAER,  Tomas - ISBN 9781133958437
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Physical Chemistry
2nd Edition
Ball, David W. (david Warren), BAER, Tomas
Publisher: Wadsworth Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781133958437

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With its easy-to-read approach and focus on core topics, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, 2e provides a concise, yet thorough examination of calculus-based physical chemistry. The Second Edition, designed as a learning tool for students who want to learn physical chemistry in a functional and relevant way, follows a traditional organization and now features an increased focus on thermochemistry, as well as new problems, new two-column examples, and a dynamic new four-color design. Written by a dedicated chemical educator and researcher, the text also includes a review of calculus applications as applied to physical chemistry.

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