Physics (5th Edition) - 5th Edition - by James S. Walker - ISBN 9780321976444
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Physics (5th Edition)
5th Edition
James S. Walker
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321976444

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James Walker's Physics provides students with a solid conceptual understanding of physics that can be expressed quantitatively and applied to the world around them. Instructors and students praise Walker's Physics for its friendly voice, the author's talent for making complex concepts understandable, an inviting art program, and the range of excellent homework problems and example-types that provide guidance with problem solving. The Fifth Edition includes new "just-in-time" learning aids such as "Big Ideas" to quickly orient students to the overarching principles of each chapter, new Real-World Physics and Biological applications, and a wealth of problem-solving support features to coach students through the process of applying logic and reasoning to problem solving.  

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Explanation: The rigid object rotates about the fixed axis then the points of rotation remains fixed...Explanation: Expression for the torque is, τ=rF Here, r is the distance from the axis of rotation. F...Explanation: The astronaut in the orbit around the earth is under two forces that are gravitational...Explanation: The motion is periodic when the motion is repeated in the equal intervals of time. A...Explanation: The longitudinal waves are those waves in which the displacement of individual...Explanation: As the liquid is sucked through the straw negative pressure is created in the mouth and...Explanation: Given info: The length is 8.9 cm , the pressure difference is 450 Pa , the inside...Explanation: If there is no temperature difference between two physically contacted substances or...Explanation: Write the expression for ideal gas equation. PV=nRT Here, n is the number of moles. R...Explanation: The formula to calculate the amount of heat is, Q=ΔU+W Here, ΔU is the change in the...Explanation: The sign convention of the charge of electron and proton is minus and plus respectively...Explanation: Write the expression for the electric field. E=−ΔVΔs Here, E is the electric field at...Explanation: The human body is electrically neutral until it comes in contact with some electrically...Given info: The direction of motion of particle to the magnetic field is 90° . Explanation: The...Explanation: The magnetic flux is defined as the number of magnetic lines of force that passes...Explanation: The ac voltage is varied sinusoidal over time where as a dc voltage is not varied....Explanation: An “invisible man” is unable to see because he allows the light to pass through...Introduction: The mirror image of the object shows the opposite position with same size and at same...Explanation: The human eye feel relaxed when the viewing object is at least 6 m away but when we...Explanation: When two light waves interfere destructively, then the net energy of the resultant wave...Explanation: According to second postulate of relativity, the light travels with same speed,...Explanation: Ultraviolet Catastrophe is a classical prediction and is also known as Rayleigh–Jeans...Explanation: Rutherford struck alpha particles with a thin sheet of golf foil in order to find out...Explanation: Nucleus A and nucleus B have different number of protons and neutrons. The formula to...

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