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Prealgebra 2-downloads 5th Edition

Prealgebra 2-downloads - 5th Edition - by Jamie Blair, John Jr Tobey, Jeffrey Slater, Jennifer Crawford - ISBN 9780321756459
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Prealgebra 2-downloads
5th Edition
Jamie Blair, John Jr Tobey, Jeffrey Slater, Jennifer Crawford
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321756459

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Book Details

The Tobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford series builds essential skills one at a time by breaking the mathematics down into manageable pieces. This practical "building block" organization makes it easy for students to understand each topic and gain confidence as they move through each section. Students will find many opportunities to check and reinforce their understanding of concepts throughout the text. With this revision, the author team has added a new Math Coach feature that provides students with an office hour experience by helping them to avoid commonly made mistakes. With Tobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford, students have a tutor, a study companion, and now a coach, with them every step of the way.

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