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Prelude To Programming 6th Edition

Prelude To Programming - 6th Edition - by VENIT,  Stewart., DRAKE,  Elizabeth - ISBN 9780133741636
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Prelude To Programming
6th Edition
VENIT, Stewart., DRAKE, Elizabeth
Publisher: Addison-wesley,
ISBN: 9780133741636

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Beginning programmers struggle constantly to balance logic and syntax. Written in a non-language specific format, Prelude to Programming, 6/e, addresses this problem, giving beginners a language-independent framework for learning core programming concepts and effective design techniques. Gives readers the foundation they need to understand the logic behind program design and to establish effective programming skills. Focuses on many different languages, but includes "real" problems that mirror the pseudocode problems throughout, in four programming languages (Java, C++, Visual Basic, and Python). Is packaged with the RAPTOR flow-charting software, providing a hands-on component. More use of RAPTOR integrated with the text, and more examples on key topics, including selection structures, loops, dealing with functions. Includes "What and Why" sections that discuss what would happen if the program were run, or something were changed. Provides "Making It Work" boxed features throughout, discussing how to implement concepts in an actual high-level language. A useful basic reference for programmers.

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