Principles of Cost Accounting - 17th Edition - by Edward J. Vanderbeck, Maria R. Mitchell - ISBN 9781305087408
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Principles of Cost Accounting
17th Edition
Edward J. Vanderbeck, Maria R. Mitchell
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305087408

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Discover how readable and relevant cost accounting can be with PRINCIPLES OF COST ACCOUNTING, 17E. This edition packs the essentials you need to know in a unique 10-chapter format that is well organized, practical, and concise. You gain a thorough understanding of cost concepts, cost behavior, and cost accounting techniques as they apply to manufacturing and service businesses. To ensure understanding, the book introduces concepts in small, manageable sections that are immediately reinforced with proven questions, demonstration problems, practice exercises, and self-study quizzes. You master the fundamentals of job order costing and process costing before progressing to more advanced topics, such as budgeting, standard costing and variance analysis, costing for service businesses, and cost analysis for management decisions. Focus on skills that will take you far in today's competitive job market as you learn how to determine the costs of products and services and how to set effective selling prices. Learn techniques to measure the performance of managers and discover how to use accounting to achieve organization's goals. Find the relevant approach you need with the most up-to-date presentation of accounting skills in PRINCIPLES OF COST ACCOUNTING, 17E and corresponding CengageNOW online homework tools.

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