Principles of Modern Chemistry - 8th Edition - by David W. Oxtoby, H. Pat Gillis, Laurie J. Butler - ISBN 9781305079113
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Principles of Modern Chemistry
8th Edition
David W. Oxtoby, H. Pat Gillis, Laurie J. Butler
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305079113

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Long considered the standard for covering chemistry at a high level, PRINCIPLES OF MODERN CHEMISTRY continues to set the standard as the most modern, rigorous, and chemically and mathematically accurate book on the market. This authoritative text features an "atoms first" approach and thoroughly revised chapters on Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Structure (Chapter 6), Electrochemistry (Chapter 17), and Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry (Chapter 20). In addition, the text utilizes mathematically accurate and artistic atomic and molecular orbital art, and is student friendly without compromising its rigor. End-of-chapter learning aids now focus on only the most important key objectives, equations and concepts, making it easier for readers to locate chapter content, while new applications to a wide range of disciplines, such as biology, chemical engineering, biochemistry, and medicine deepen readers' understanding of the relevance of chemistry in today's world.

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Bundle: Principles of Modern Chemistry, Loose-leaf Version, 8th + LMS Integrated for OWLv2 with MindTap Reader, 4 terms (24 months) Printed Access Card
8 Edition
ISBN: 9781305786950
8 Edition
ISBN: 9781305465091

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