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Principles of Operations Management 9th Edition

Principles of Operations Management - 9th Edition - by Jay Heizer, Barry Render - ISBN 9780132968362
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Principles of Operations Management
9th Edition
Jay Heizer, Barry Render
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780132968362

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Book Details

Directed primarily toward undergraduate business college/university majors, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals.

Principles of Operations Management presents a broad introduction to the field of operations in a realistic and practical manner, while offering the largest and most diverse collection of problems on the market. The problems found in this text also contain ample support-found in the book's solved-problems and worked examples.

For a more comprehensive version with a quantitative module at the end of the text, see Heizer/Render's Operations Management, 11e.

Operations and Productivity. Operations Strategy in a Global Environment. Project Management.

Forecasting. Designing Operations. Design of Goods and Services. Sustainability in the Supply Chain. Managing Quality. Statistical Process Control. Process Strategy. Capacity and Constraint Management. Location Strategies. Layout Strategies. Human Resources, Job Design, and Work Measurement. Managing Operations. Supply-Chain Management. Supply-Chain Analytics. Inventory Management. Aggregate Planning and S&OP. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and ERP. Short-Term Scheduling. Just-in-Time, TPS, and Lean Operations. Maintenance and Reliability. Statistical Tools for Managers. Acceptance Sampling. The Simplex Method of Linear Programming. The MODI and VAM Methods of Solving Transportation Problems. Vehicle Routing and Scheduling.

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