Psychology in Modules - 11th Edition - by David G. Myers, C. Nathan DeWall - ISBN 9781464167522
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Psychology in Modules
11th Edition
David G. Myers, C. Nathan DeWall
Publisher: Worth Publishers
ISBN: 9781464167522

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In this version of Psychology, Eleventh Edition, David Myers and Nathan DeWall break down the new edition's 16 chapters into 55 modules, assignable in any sequence and brief enough to be read in one sitting. It's a format favored by a wide range of students and instructors.

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Explanation: The rhythm of life depends of the rhythm of the day as they are parallel to each other....Explanation: Tolerance is the diminishing effect with regular use of a particular dose of a specific...Explanation: DNA is found in the nucleus of a cell. It is packed into chromosomes, which are...Explanation: Genes consisting of DNA ar the blueprint of heritable information that determine human...Reason for the correct statement: There are specific values and thoughts that determine if a culture...Explanation: The developmental psychology mainly involves our cognitive and social development...Reason for correct statement: Option a. is given as “a reflex”. According to the studies of...Reasons for the correct statement: Option b. is given as, “puberty”. The physical and sexual...Reason for correct statement: Option a. is given as “recall and list all the important terms and...Reasons for the correct statement: The two main processes involved in the sensation and perception...Explanation: One of the characteristic of light that determines the color we experience is known as...Explanation: A portion of the inner ear is known as the cochlea. It is a snail-shaped tube that...Explanation: The process of gaining information and behaviors through experience is called learning....Explanation: Skinner and other psychologists elaborated Thorndike’s law of effect. The law of effect...Explanation: Neutral stimulus is the stimulus that elicits no response. When neutral stimulus used...Explanation: The first stage includes encoding information in some form such as picture or sound....Reason for the correct statement: Hippocampus is the neural center that contributes to the...Reasons for the correct statement: Encoding is the ability of brain to store and recall events and...Explanation: Concepts help to simplify the thinking process of human beings. Similar events, things,...Reasons for the correct statement: One-word stage is where the child at the age of 1 year starts to...Explanation: English psychologist Charles Spearman states that the heart of all intelligent behavior...Reasons for the correct statement: The formula for IQ is as follows: mental agechronological age×100...Explanation: Writers have crystallized intelligence and scientists have fluid intelligence. Writers...Reasons for the correct statement: Genetics and environment influences the intelligence of...Reasons for the correct statement: Human motives cannot be entirely explained with instincts....Explanation: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that individuals give priority to survival needs...Reasons for the correct statement: During the entire life span of human beings, the sex hormones...Reasons for the correct answer: The adopted children often lack a sense of belonging for their...Explanation: The James–Lange theory hypothesize that an emotion is experienced by a person only...Facial feedback hypothesis or effect describes the relationship between the facial expression and...Reasons for correct statement: The happiness starts from a person itself. Life satisfaction,...Explanation: The first stage in Selye’s general adaptation syndrome (GAS) is an alarm stage, which...Explanation: Stress can produce varied negative responses such as fear, depression, anxiety, and...Reasons for the correct answer: Overestimating the influence of an individual and underestimating...Reason for the correct answer: Frequently, a person’s conform behavior arises because the person...Explanation: Prejudice is prejudgment. It shows negative attitudes towards a particular racial or...Explanation: Geographical nearness increases the tendency of likeness. This is because repeated...Explanation: Repression is a type of defense mechanism that helps to banish the anxiety, feelings,...Reasons for correct statement: Maslow proposed one of his humanistic theories, the hierarchy of...Reason for the correct statement: One of the specific ways in which individuals and environments...Explanation: Depression is a mood disorder that is characterized by the feeling of sadness, low...Explanation: A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes a person to feel exaggerate,...Explanation: The higher rate of depression in women is thought to be caused by some biological and...The statement “The weather has been so schizophrenic lately: It’s hot one day and freezing the next”...Reasons for the correct statement: Option c. is given as “it is almost never reported outside North...Reason for the correct statement: Psychoanalysis is also known as talk therapy that is used to bring...Reasons for correct statement: Option c. is given as “reports of clinicians and clients”. The...Reasons for correct statement: Option c. is given as “sluggishness, tremors, and twitches”....Reasons for the correct statement: People who love their work say that their work is a calling....

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