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Starting Out with Python (3rd Edition) 3rd Edition

Starting Out with Python (3rd Edition) - 3rd Edition - by Tony Gaddis - ISBN 9780133582734
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Starting Out with Python (3rd Edition)
3rd Edition
Tony Gaddis
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780133582734

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Book Details

This text is intended for a one-semester introductory programming course for students with limited programming experience. It is also appropriate for readers interested in introductory programming.

In Starting Out with Python 1/2, Third Edition Tony Gaddis' evenly-paced, accessible coverage introduces students to the basics of programming and prepares them to transition into more complicated languages. Python, an easy-to-learn and increasingly popular object-oriented language, allows readers to become comfortable with the fundamentals of programming without the troublesome syntax that can be challenging for novices. With the knowledge acquired using Python, students gain confidence in their skills and learn to recognize the logic behind developing high-quality programs.

Starting Out with Python discusses control structures, functions, arrays, and pointers before objects and classes. As with all Gaddis texts, clear and easy-to-read code listings, concise and practical real-world examples, detail-oriented explanations, and an abundance of exercises appear in every chapter.

MyProgrammingLab for Starting Out with Python is a total learning package. MyProgrammingLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program that truly engages students in learning. It helps students better prepare for class, quizzes, and exams-resulting in better performance in the course-and provides educators a dynamic set of tools for gauging individual and class progress.

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The number that represents that the bit is turned “on”: The number that is used to represent that...Starting the python interpreter: Open the python interpreter from the corresponding location; then...Creator of Python: Python was created by “Guido Van Rossum”. Year of Python creation: Python was...Logic error: Logic error is called as a bug, which will make a program to operate with fault, in...Decision structure: Decision structure executes a set of statements under certain conditions. It is...Condition controlled loop: This is a loop that exhibits true or false condition to control the...Function: A function is a group of statements that are present in a program in order to perform...Output file: A file where the data are written is called as “output file”. The output file is...Element: In Python list, the element represents an individual item in a list. Every item that is...Indexing in string: The characters in a string could be accessed individually with an index. Each...Operator “in”: In Python dictionary, an “in” operator can be used to check if a key exists in the...Procedural Programming: The procedural programming usually depends upon procedures or routines or...Inheritance: In python, it is possible to construct a new class that inherits the members of an...Recursion: Recursion is a process where function is called again and again by itself for a specific...User interface: The interaction between the user and the computer is provided by a facility in the...

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