Survey of Economics (MindTap Course List) - 9th Edition - by Irvin B. Tucker - ISBN 9781305260948
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Survey of Economics (MindTap Course Lis...
9th Edition
Irvin B. Tucker
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305260948

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Readable, practical, and interesting, SURVEY OF ECONOMICS, 9E gives you the tools needed to understand the impact of economics in your own world. This popular book presents the basics of economics in the context of real-world situations to show you how economic issues play out at national and international levels. This thoroughly updated, new edition addresses intriguing topics in today's economics, such as the federal deficit and national debt, income levels and fair pay for females, social networking sites, and gasoline prices. Interactive learning features and self-study tools guide you through the learning process and make studying easier. With the help of learning resources and online tools such as Aplia's™ homework solution, MindTap™ Personal Learning Experience, and Write Experience, SURVEY OF ECONOMICS, 9E provides a solid understanding of basic economic principles that equips you to make more informed decisions as both a professional and a consumer.

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