Universe - 11th Edition - by Robert Geller, Roger Freedman, William J. Kaufmann - ISBN 9781319039448
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11th Edition
Robert Geller, Roger Freedman, William J. Kaufmann
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781319039448

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Introduction: When an asteroid from the space approaches the surface of the Moon, it strikes the...Introduction: Astronomers have been using visible-light telescopes for studying extra-terrestrial...Introduction: Differential rotation can be defined as the rotation of different parts of a celestial...Introduction: Satellite is an artificial device that is used to visualize distant objects like...Introduction: The Solar system has the brightest star present at the center, around which the...Introduction: Titus-Bode law: This law is used to relate the orbital size of the planets. This law...Introduction: The largest body of the solar system is the Sun, having 1000 times more mass than...Introduction: The amount of light an object emits depends on its size; the larger the object, the...Introduction: The notation used by the astronomers for the neutral hydrogen atoms that are not...Introduction: A red dwarf star belongs to the main sequence stars of M type. It is a small and cool...Introduction: Most stars have the same chemical composition but the difference in stars depend on...Introduction: A neutron star is a star composed of incredibly dense sphere of neutrons formed by...Introduction: A globular cluster is a compact group of about a million stars that move around...Introduction: Spiral nebulae: Spiral nebulae are the clouds that are spiral in shape, which were...Introduction: Spectrum can be defined as the range of the colors that are obtained by passing...Introduction: Newtonian space is assumed to be static and infinite, which is filled with stars...Introduction: Astronomers and Physicists found that the temperature of microwave background in the...Introduction: One of the most important and versatile elements in all known life-forms is carbon. It...

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ISBN: 9781319227975
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