What Is Life? A Guide to Biology with Physiology - 4th Edition - by Jay Phelan - ISBN 9781319065447
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What Is Life? A Guide to Biology with P...
4th Edition
Jay Phelan
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781319065447

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What is the most common reason that DNA analyses overturn incorrect criminal convictions?

What genetically modified foods do most people in the United States consume (usually without knowing it)?

In his popular classes and bestselling textbooks, Jay Phelan uses questions like these as a way of introducing both the practical impact and awe-inspiring wonder of biological research. Phelan knows how to captivate nonmajors with stories of how scientists investigate life. He is also a master at using the study of biology as a context for developing the critical thinking skills and scientific literacy students can draw on through college and beyond.

Phelan's dynamic approach to teaching biology is the driving force behind What Is Life? A Guide to Biology - the most successful new non-majors biology textbook of the millennium. The rigorously updated new edition brings forward the features that made the book a classroom favorite (chapters anchored to intriguing questions about life, spectacular original illustrations, innovative learning tools) with a more focused and flexible presentation and enhanced art.

And more than ever, this edition is a seamless text/media source, with its dedicated version of LaunchPad, Macmillan's breakthrough online course space which integrates an interactive e-Book, all student media, a wide range of assessment and course management features.

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Many generations have to go through selection (natural selection or artificial selection by...A fixed action pattern is a kind of innate behavior that consists of a series of actions. Once an...The formation of the first membrane around chemical components lead to the formation of the first...Darwin wrote a note to himself in the margin of a book that proposed a theory of cosmic and...Plants face two challenges due to their lack of mobility. Plants have diploid and haploid life...Respiration in amoeba is aerobic and occurs through general body surface of the body by diffusion...Studying an individual does not yield any information about interactions between organisms....The Earth being a globe has a curved surface. The equator is the part of the earth that is closest...The methane could have disappeared from the site of the oil spill, for two reasons. It could have...The three parts of vascular plants are leaves, stem, and roots.Leaves are the site of...Potatoes can reproduce sexually, by flowering, pollination and seed production. These seeds can give...Complex organisms such as animals and plants are multicellular. They are made up of more than one...Cells in a multicellular organism are not in direct contact with the external environment. This...Plants are easily available sources of food; however, they are difficult to digest. Plants are...When we injure ourselves, we feel pain. Pain is the body's way of indicating that a situation is...The name Oxytocin for the hormone comes from a Greek word meaning "quick birth", due to its role in...Fertilization is the process by which the male and female gametes (sperm and egg) come together to...The immune system has levels at which it defends the body against pathogens. Physical barriers make...

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