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  • The Bloodless Revolution Of 1800

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    The Bloodless Revolution of 1800 was a very important event that shaped our nation into what it is today. The Revolution changed America 's history in major ways. The twelfth amendment was created and the party divisions that we see today in our modern government are results of the conflict. The revolution was also a test: could the young nation of America shift power peacefully, as the founding father 's had intended? Or would everything collapse after only one president leading the country? The

  • The Importance Of The Electoral College

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    Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines college as a noun meaning “a body of clergy living together and supported by a foundation.” This word, though, is used to represent two of the most important institutions in American society: our Universities and the Electoral College. Why, then, does the lightest amount of research reveal this word is steeped in hatred and bigotry? Why does something that denotes two pillars of American life embody our deepest and darkest regret as a country? Irony aside, it

  • One Nation Under God Analysis

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    season rolls around, Americans are glued to their television curious to see what or who makes the next bold move. Iowa native Mark Noll explains to his readers the details of the 1800 election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in his book, One Nation Under God. Are there similarities or differences from the election of 1800 and now? Have we learned from past mistakes as Christians and human beings? I believe Evangelical Christians are continuing to commit these errors even as time ticks on.

  • Louise Mallard’s Demise in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin

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    Louise Mallard’s Demise in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin Kate Chopin’s short story, “The Story of an Hour”, is about a woman, named Louise Mallard, in the late 1800s who is told that her husband, Brently, has died in a railroad accident. Initially, Louise is surprised, distressed, and drowned in sorrow. After mourning the loss, the woman realizes that she is finally free and independent, and that the only person she has to live for is herself. She becomes overwhelmed with joy about her new

  • The Broadway Musical Hamilton By Lin Manuel Miranda

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    Oftentimes people have a difficult time connecting with history. They do not see the relevance between something hundreds of years ago and today’s issues. The Broadway musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda does a great job of bridging that gap. Many of the issues that were faced in the time period of Alexander Hamilton are also faced in the world today. An example of this is politicians riding the fence on important issues. A main character in the play is criticized greatly for doing this just as

  • Quilting In 1800s

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    Quilting can also be used for expression of oneself or for social commentary. Back in the 1800’s when there were many wars women would usually make quilts because they were what was needed in those times and the fabric was often hard to come by and it was usually saved for clothes making.” It was a means to escape from the isolation of their lifestyle and it allowed them the artistic freedom to express themselves. The quilts produced by our ancestors told stories about their lifestyles that could

  • Technology In The 1800s

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    Since the 1800s there has been many technological advances through time that has been used today. In today’s world, there has been various devices that are used today, such as phones, apple products, and other devices that revolutionized the 21st Century. There is always a creation of something that has changed history for the good and for the bad that has either been rejected or accepted in the society that it fits in. Some of the major growth of technology has been used extremely sufficiently during

  • The Colonization Of The 1800s

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    country we know today. Without the migration movements like the pilgrims’ voyage to America, the colonization founding of the original thirteen colonies, and the westward migration in the 1800s for gold and prosperity, the country could not be the way it is today. The colonization of the 1600s and the migration in the 1800s impacted the course of American history and its development. The English were the last people to join in the race for colonies and settlements. But, they did build the first permanent

  • Illustrators In The 1800s

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    At the beginning of the 1800s illustrators like Felix Octavius Carr Darley were typically on staff at printing companies, or in the newspaper offices. On average they would create their works with on-the-block engravers or lithographic stone plates. If they weren’t appointed to draw, coloring was their alternative means of collecting a paycheck. However, such opportunities went to a very meager amount of illustrators because at the time art training was scarce in America, so most illustrators had

  • Life In The 1800s

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    yards? Remember playing cowboys and Indians as a kid? Well, taking a look back into the 1800s, one can see that the hazards of that time were much harsher in contrast to those conditions that people face in contemporary times. Back in the day crime wasn’t unheard of, but it was much rarer and it did require a greater amount of physical and mental power and capabilities. These so called “outlaws” of the 1800s would rob trains and banks in broad daylight while using, at the time, primitive tools such