1918 flu pandemic

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  • The 1918 Flu Pandemic Essay

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    The 1918 Flu Pandemic Abstract One of the most virulent strains of influenza in history ravaged the world and decimated the populations around the world. Present during World War I, the 1918 strain of pandemic influenza found many opportunities to spread through the war. At the time, science wasn’t advanced enough to study the virus, much less find a cure; medical personnel were helpless when it came to fighting the disease, and so the flu went on to infect millions and kill at a rate 25 times

  • The History of the Flu Essay

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    The History of the Flu This research paper covers the basic history of influenza. It begins with its early history and the reasons for why influenza was never feared. It also covers three influenza pandemics: the Spanish flu of 1918, the Asian flu, the Hong Kong flu and the terror and heartbreak left behind in their wakes. In addition, the paper discusses avian influenza and addresses the current threat of a bird flu pandemic. Influenza, an innocent little virus that annually comes and

  • Influenza Virus: 1918-19 Flu Pandemic

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    Influenza Virus According to the CDC there was a breakout in “1918-19 Flu pandemic, which killed as many as 50 million people worldwide”causing the biggest breakout for Influenza (Reconstruction of 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus). Influenza originated from Asia and the Middle East. Virtually all mammalian species have influenza. Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the Influenza virus. There are three types of Influenza: type A, type B, and type C. Influenza has numerous symptoms

  • A Medical Revolution Essay

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    In the spring of 1918, the first wave of one of the deadliest influenza pandemics began plaguing its victims (Peters, ix). Over the span of three lethal waves, the pandemic claimed approximately forty million victims, eradicating nearly twenty percent of the entire world’s population, or about one out of five individuals (Peters, ix). To make matters more dire, the ill-suited medical community was exceptionally unprepared for such a wide-scale pandemic: Doctors had very basic tools, knew little

  • The Spanish Flu Virus

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    Spanish Influenza The year was 1918. WW1 was at its tail-end. The trenches on the western front had been ridden with death, depression, and disease. Despite that, there was a new virus that was brewing all around the world. Its origins aren’t exactly known, but the first wave hit in military camps in the US. At first, no one really took action or reported it, since disease was common in this war. But, as fall and winter set in, the disease could not be ignored anymore. The name of it came from

  • The Great Influenza

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    arguably one of the greatest medical disasters in human history, the book focuses on the influenza pandemic which took place in the year 1918. The world was at war in the First World War and with everyone preoccupied with happenings in Europe and winning the war, the influenza pandemic struck when the human race was least ready and most distracted by happenings all over the world. In total the influenza pandemic killed over a hundred million people on a global scale, clearly more than most of the deadliest

  • The 1918 Influenza Epidemic Essay

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    innocuously enough in the spring of 1918 spreading through populations on both sides of the Atlantic. Remarkable for its highly infectious nature, the spring strain was relatively non-lethal, rarely killing infected individuals (Kolata, 1999). Thus little more than average attention was paid to the precursor of a virus that would eventually kill between twenty-one and one-hundred million individuals worldwide (Barry, 2004). Only after the fall wave of the 1918 influenza did it become a requirement

  • The Return of a Killer Flu

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    for the return of a killer flu? What is a pandemic? Unlike the flu that goes around annually, pandemic flu is much different. A pandemic of influenza (flu) occurs when a new flu virus that is foreign to our bodies spreads around the world, causing serious illness and possibly death. It is highly contagious and can therefore spread easily from one person to another, infecting an entire community in a matter of days. In the past 100 years, we have seen four pandemics—1918, 1957, 1968 and 2009 – The

  • Essay on The Flu Epidemic F 1918

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    Walking down any given street in the year 1918 between the months of June and December, one would take notice of coffins lining the sidewalks. Nobody was on the streets, and dead bodies were stuffed into every available space. The Flu Epidemic of 1918 not only was the most devastating event of the twentieth century, but propelled the United States to search for a vaccine that has not yet been found, causing concern that the flu will strike again.      Influenza has been around

  • Essay on Causes of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

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    century. – John Barry Many historians call the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 the deadliest disease outbreak of all time. As many as 100 million people were killed as a direct result of this disease (Taubenberger 1). The Great Pandemic affected everyone, the prosperous and the poor, developed and underdeveloped nations. Entire villages in Alaska were wiped out because of the viral disease (Public Health Service). The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 was caused by World War One, a high volume of immigration