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  • Tokyo Rose: Iva Ikoku Toguri Essays

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    former Australian radio host who was now forced to broadcast on the propagandist radio show “Zero Hour” (Tokyo 2). Radio Tokyo wanted a female’s voice for this show and since Toguri spoke English, she was the perfect match (Lerner 163). In November 1943, she joined the radio program under the name “Orphan Ann” playing songs and speaking to the soldiers for twenty minutes out of each day (Tokyo 2). In 1945, Toguri married D’Aquino and, later that year, the war finally ended (Iva 1; Tokyo 2). During

  • Cyber-Terrorism Essay

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    Cyber-Terrorism Cyber-Terrorism is a reality in the modern age of rapid technological advancement. As fast as new technology is established, people find ways to hack and corrupt it. Many times there is malicious intent behind such actions. These acts can include everything from computer viruses to contraband network servers to pirated IP addresses and credit account fraud. All of the stories we hear and those annoying emails that warn of a multitude of viruses can lull us into complacency

  • Legal Proceedings With A Decree Of Precautionary Measures

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    L. Thereupon, several legal proceedings with regard to a decree of precautionary measures went ahead alongside. L1. With the decision from June 13, 2007, and communicated on the same day, the district court presidency Prättigau/Davos ruled between the parties (case no. 130-2006-105): "1. It is stated that Carel Johannes Steven Bentinck and Lisa Bentinck-Hogan are still entitled to live separate. 2. It is stated that both parties agree that the three children, namely, Elizabeth Mary Wilhelmina, born

  • Negative Response Letter

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    Due to my recent hectic schedule, I was unable to respond to your calls and emails in a timely manner. I am reaching out to you to further explain my concerns per my voicemail message left on (January 4, 2017 8:55am). In this letter I will be discussing complications formulated over two years throughout the events experienced by myself and 90% of Pretrial Jail Release night staff. The continuance of these situations has provided a high volume in the decrease of employment in the last couple of months

  • Alabama Child Support Case Study

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    The non-custodial parent (NCP), Mr. Pugh’s testimony revealed that the bank account is in his name, but the money in the account belongs to his wife. The dispute is regarding the money that was frozen in the account. The money was from his wife’s 401k retirement account. The NCP verified that the account is a joint account, the money belongs to his wife, and he would not touch her money. Mobile County DHR representative’s testimony revealed that on June 26, 2003, Georgia Child Support sent a request

  • Night Staff Observation Report

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    Due to my recent hectic schedule I am now able to response to your calls and emails to further explain the concerns per my voicemail message left on January 4, 2017. I have prepared an illustration involving complications formulated over 2yrs throughout events withheld by myself and 90% of Pretrial Jail Release night staff. The continuance of these situations has provided a high volume in the decrease of employment, accuracy in completion of work, and mental/physical illness. Therefore there is a

  • BY 1943 - totalitarian

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    ‘By 1943, Mussolini had created a totalitarian regime in Italy’. Explain why you agree or disagree with this view. (24 marks). Most historians have suggested that Mussolini had not created a totalitarian regime in Italy by 1943 due to the fact that Fascism remained a secondary belief for the majority of Italy, superseded by religion. However Mussolini did achieve a totalitarian state in some respects. For example, his use of propaganda was successful in propagating the idea of the ‘Cult of

  • 1943 Personal Narrative

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    Times like the year 1943, were never talked about in my family. 1943 was 60 years before I was born, yet if you bring up that time, you would be hushed by your mother and told to be quiet. But why? Nobody in the family even knew why. Well, except my great grandfather, Joseph G. Koch. He lived it. Saw it. Smelled it. “The odor of burned flesh was strong,” he said. 2008 was the year when everything changed in the family. The code was cracked. The silence was broken. The secret was out. That was the

  • Detroit Riots of 1943 Essay

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    The Detroit Riots of 1943 Since the time of slavery, racial tension has existed between whites and blacks. This tension has only increased with the passing of time. This conflict culminated in the 1940s in the form of mob violence. While there have been previous riots because of race relations, none of them were of the magnitude of the 1943 Detroit riot. Much like any other event involving racism in the 1940s, the Detroit riot has little coverage, most of which is skewed, in articles in the

  • Aesthetics In 1943: The Battle Of Midway

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    Aesthetics 1943: The Battle of Midway is one of many commercially and critically successful games from the golden age of arcade video games that are remembered. The graphics in Galaga matches nicely with the optical experience/flow of the games design. [Fig.5] The aesthetics in 1943: The Battle of Midway are extremely effective; the use of CRT fixed colours for the monitor completely determined the game’s visual style. The scene creates a kind of ‘hyper-real’ look, which fits perfectly with the