1986 World Series

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  • The Goal Of Sports And Sports Collapses

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    winner is unexpected. A team who is winning by a lot of points or wins in a series should win the game. But that doesn’t alway happen. Every team somehow collapses or ‘chokes’ at one time or another. All fans have to deal with the heartbreak of their team losing. Here are the worst blown leads and sports collapses according to us. Yankees vs Red Sox 2004 Yankees had a 3-0 lead in the 2004 American League Championship Series against the Red Sox. The Yankees were looking like they would defeat their

  • How To Write A Biography Of Myers Essay

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    was a member of the Mets 1986 World Series-winning team. Myers became a closer in 1988 as he platooned with Roger McDowell after Jesse Orosco left for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Myers was traded to the Reds in 1990 for closer John Franco, and became one of the league's elite closers and the most successful member of the Nasty Boys trio, which also included Rob Dibble and Norm Charlton, while being selected as an All-Star in 1990. In 1990 Myers won his second World Series ring as the Reds swept the

  • The Game Of Baseball : What Makes A True Role Model For Kids?

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    at bats, just ahead of Babe Ruth. This great player, whom played for team USA, before entering the major leagues. Had a career that stemmed from 1986-2001. Mark McGwire finished his career with 583 homeruns. Played for two different teams, including 11 years in Oakland and 5 years in St. Louis. Mark was also a 12 time all-star, 2 time World Series champion, AL rookie of the year, 5 time homerun leader, and many other league leading awards. In any event whether you are a fan or not, 1998 seemed

  • Harvey: A Short Story

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    teammates. Harvey hasn’t always displayed the most maturity, so this is a big moment for him. If he doesn’t step up to the challenge, it could single-handedly derail this talented Mets team that has as good a shot as any in the National League to make the World

  • Pete Rose Psychology Personality

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    This need for superiority was not only prevalent in his playing days but also as he transitioned out of his playing days. In 1986, Rose was player-manager of the Reds and the last player-manager in professional baseball, a feat that is unlikely to occur again. Pete Rose will always be most remembered for betting on baseball while playing/managing the Reds. Rose denied these

  • The New York Yankees Baseball Organization

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    Over a 114-year period between 1901 and 2015, the New York Yankees baseball organization has taken sole positioning as the most successful franchise in the professional baseball world. As a whole the franchise has won: 43 American League pennants and 27 world championship titles. With statistics and accomplishments this vast, it is no wonders the Yankees are renowned and acknowledged as one of the most outstanding baseball teams in the sport. The New York Yankee’s franchise was founded in 1901, in

  • Taking a Look at the Philadelphia Phillies

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    become the league’s most losing team, with over 10,000 losses. Although the Philadelphia franchise may have the most losses in any professional sport, whether it is football, basketball, or soccer, they have had many playoff runs and even a few World Series appearances. Throughout the winning and the losing seasons the Phillies have had some very good players, which went on to be a Hall-of-Famers, while many of the players were mediocre at best. Although not all of the players that played in Philadelphia

  • An Argument For Rose In The Hall Of Fame

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    “Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten, and be considered a good performer.” - Ted Williams. When referring to all time greats in the world of baseball you will hear about the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, and Ernie Banks. None of these men have the most hits in baseball’s storied history. The man that does, however, is not in the Hall of Fame. There have only been 15,213 men to play in the MLB, only 29

  • Pete Rose Baseball Scandal Essay

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    Throughout the history of America’s pastime, baseball has continually battled scandals and controversies. From the 1919 “Black Sox” scandal to the current steroid debate, baseball has lived in a century of turmoil. While many of these scandals affected multiple players and brought shame to teams, none have affected a single player more than the 1980’s Pete Rose betting scandal. Aside from the public humiliation he brought his family and the Cincinnati Reds, nothing has done more to hurt Pete Rose

  • Baseball in America Essay

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    Baseball Strike, and the usage of steroids or PEDs. Pete Rose was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio and while he was growing up a young kid he cheered for the hometown team which was the Cincinnati Reds. Once he retired from the game of baseball in 1986 he was the all-time leader in hits, games and at-bats. He was know for his hard- charging style so he got the nickname “Charlie Hustle”. The nickname was given to him by an All-Star New York Yankee pitcher by the name of Whitey Ford. A few years after