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  • The Theme Of Madness In Hamlet And Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    the 1990 version of Hamlet created by Zeffirelli and the 1996 version by Branagh. While both actresses that played Ophelia conveyed the madness well, they took different approaches in terms of vocal inflections and movements. The directors also took different approaches to portray madness like costumes and settings. Lastly, while Bonham-Carter’s Ophelia in 1990 shows some ambiguity in the reasons behind her madness, Blanchett’s Ophelia in 1996 does not. The major scene that shows the madness Ophelia

  • Evaluating The 1996 Film Hidden In Silence

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    What makes something great? What makes a film superior to another? How can you truly judge a movie? These are questions that must go through every film critic's mind. A useful technique of evaluating a movie is to set certain criteria and see where the film ranks. When evaluating the 1996 film, “Hidden in Silence”, I chose five criterion that objectively and fully examined the film (“Hidden in Silence”). Films can be judged by how realistic or unrealistic the plotline is, by how the characters were

  • Trainspotting Film Analysis Essay

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    Trainspotting presents an ostensible image of fractured society. The 1996 film opens, famously, with a series of postulated choices—variables, essentially, in the delineation of identity and opposition. Significant here is the tone in which these options are delivered—it might be considered the rhetorical voice of society, a playful exposition of the pressure placed on individuals to make the "correct" choices, to conform to expectation. As such, the introduction might be read as contributing

  • Hamlet And Hamlet Comparison

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    others. I compared Columbia pictures 1996 version with Kenneth Branagh playing the role of Hamlet versus BBC’s 2009 Hamlet in which David Tennant played the honorable role of Hamlet. When comparing both movies I found a lot of similarities but there was one major difference when I compared the “To be or not to be” scene. The scenes vary in multiple ways whether it is lighting, focus, camera movements, and even the actors that play Hamlet. I first want to dissect the 1996 movie in which Kenneth Branagh

  • Hamlet Soliloquy Analysis

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    “To be or not to be”, one of Shakespeare’s most well known lines (3.1.64). In Act 3 of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet begins a soliloquy with the famous line “To be or not to be.” Throughout this scene, Hamlet contemplates suicide and whether or not life is worth all the suffering. While he initially views sleep as a solution, he realizes that with sleep comes dreams and that those dreams may be good or just as miserable as life. Later, he touches on the fear of the unknown and that the fear of death

  • A Film Comparison of The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and Independence Day (1996)

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    A Film Comparison of The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and Independence Day (1996) The Day the Earth stood still and Independence Day were both made by 20th century fox. This company used to be one of the main 5 in the 50’s, and is a well – known conglomerate company, recognised for their Sci-fi genre. Star wars and X-files are two other of their best-known productions. The institution that made the films is one similarity; the main difference in the films is the

  • William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” was by far the most well-known classical piece of romance

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    Baz Luhrmann in 1996 was although controversial, it portrayed the purest and unstoppable love in a turbulent society by using creative, jazzy elements that was stylishly edited in a modern way. Both of the 1968 and 1996 films have clarified the setting right at the start of the film- 13th century (the medieval

  • Weather In Romeo And Juliet

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    friend’s death, so he shoots Tybalt. Once Tybalt’s lifeless body has hit the ground, a sudden storm approaches. The storm was added in to intensify the scene in a way words possibly could not. The movie producer of this film wanted to not only focus on the scripting of the film, but rather what was

  • Romeo And Juliet Comparative Essay

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    Baz Luhrmann, a well known film director, adapted this love story to film in 1996, which is called Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy about two young lovers who cannot be together because their families are enemies. Baz Luhrmann directed 'William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet' recounts the Romeo and Juliet story utilizing Shakespearean Language set as a modern day environment. Not all viewers would recognize the language of Shakespeare so the mise en scene

  • Romeo And Juliet 1968 And 1996

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    sentimental literature in the world. Throughout the years, it has been adapted into films by directors from an extensive range of dialect backgrounds. Among those, Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 version and the modern version directed by Baz Luhrmann in 1996, are both unquestionably the most successful and popular variations. Roger Ebert, quoted Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film version of Romeo and Juliet stating “The success of the film depends upon Whiting and Miss Hussey…They are magnificent”. The leading actors