1st Earl of Salisbury

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    How successfully did Elizabeth manage parliament? During the reign of Elizabeth I, the Privy Council and court were the centre of the Elizabethan government. Although parliament was Elizabeth’s necessary method of legislation and raising taxes, it was far from being a regular part of the governmental system (only being called 13 times during her reign). A leading debate arose when the historian Sir John Neale argued that there was a considerable amount of conflict between MPs and the queen. Whereas

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    How important was the Privy Council It could be argued that the monarch was an important member of government however some may disagree and put forward the idea that the Privy Council was more important. This is for several reasons the first reason (for the monarch) was the fact that she could decide who could become a member of the Privy Council this is because it meant that she had total power over those who that would help run the country. However this did not mean that the monarch was the most

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    Richard II Authority

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    Richard II was a play that was written by William Shakespeare in his earlier days (1398). This particular play is considered to be his 1st in his history of the tetralogy, which is a series of four games. In this particular piece of literature the author points out several different factors; however, the most relevant factors are in regards to kingship and the role of authority figures and how these characters intertwined within our perception of the way we operate as a community or in this case

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    Joan of Arc Jacques d’Arc and his wife Isabelle were blessed with a baby girl early in the year 1412. They named her Jeanne d’Arc, also known as Joan of Arc. They lived in a village called Domremy on the border of eastern France. During the time of Joan’s birth, the French and English had a truce. But events coming soon, will determine the life and death of Joan of Arc. An internal war had erupted between two factions of the French Royal family which in turn, would make it easier for

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    The Norman Conquest was a significant event in British history. William Duke of Normandy’s invasion in 1066 resulted in the battle of Hastings, during which the Saxon king Harold Godwinson was killed, possibly by an arrow in the eye. Following one battle of Hastings, castles were used by William to take control of England. One of the first castles was built at Pevensey, but the most famous castle was the Tower of London, built to conquer and control London and to provide protection for the new Norman

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