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  • The Election of 2000

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    The election of 2000 was the closest and most controversial election in all U.S. history. This event was the fierce competition full of irregularities and unfairness between George W. Bush and Al Gore to become the first president elected in the 21st century that turned into an intense political and legal battle to decide the presidency. It was such an interesting and unique election because unlike how elections are supposed to work, the election of 2000, for many unique reasons, did not end with

  • The 2000 Presidential Election

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    The 2000 presidential election is considered one of the most controversial and closet election in American history today. The 5-4 decision made in favor of George W. Bush over Vice president Al Gore was decided by the 537 votes that came from the state of Florida. It took over a month of recounts and challenges to the Supreme Court to come to the determination of the winner. The campaign was dominated by domestic issues in opposition to foreign policy, prescription drug prices, campaign finance reform

  • Are People Responsible For The 2000 Election Of 2000

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    The election of 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore was in my opinion, not legitimate. It all started in Palm Beach, Florida, where voters claimed that the voting card was confusing and they weren’t sure if they voted for Pat Buchanan on accident. “Revote! The ballot is unfair! It should be clearer where you're punching.”₁ The person responsible for the confusion was Theresa LePore. She spread candidate names onto both sides of the ballot because she said that when the names were listed on one

  • 2000 Election Of 2000 Research Paper

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    The presidential election of 2000, George Bush versus Al Gore was not legitimate. Every state knew who they were going to vote for, and who they ended up voting for. Except one state, Florida. Everyone thought Bush won the 25 electoral votes, but it turned out not every citizen's vote was counted. Thus leading chaos, miss trust, and thousands of angry citizens wanting their votes to be counted. Each citizen has the right to vote, and their votes are to be counted. The only time ballots are to not

  • 2000 Election Process

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    In the United States presidential election of 2000, the presidential race came down to one state - Florida. The controversy surrounding the votes in Florida delayed the results of the election until December 13th, 2000, 36 days from when the polling places opened. [1] The election’s final results are still hotly debated among the public. Ultimately, however, with the evidence present, Bush was the rightful winner of the election. That is not to say, however, that Gore’s team was incorrect in pursuing

  • 2000 African American Election Of 2000

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    The election of 2000 was a very tight battle. This particular election came down to the state of Florida. Florida had 25 electoral votes at the time, so this state was extremely important. Nationwide, Al Gore lead George W. Bush by roughly 500,000 votes. This may seem like a large margin, but the race was not over. Gore still needed the correct amount of electoral votes. Ultimately, Bush won the election and served two terms as President of the United States. If you take a look at the numbers and

  • 2000 Election Problems

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    Presidential elections within the United States have always been an interesting insight into American politics and can often divide the nation depending on which candidate you support. Until the most recent election, many people would cite the Presidential Election of 2000 as one of the most divisive as well as the strangest elections that we have had in modern history. This was due to the infamous hanging chad from the butterfly ballots, disagreements in how to handle the recount between the different

  • 2000 Election History

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    The 2000 election is the most controversial election for the history of the United States. Although the leading Democratic candidate Al Gore in the general election, but the election results had shown that the majority of Republican George Walker Bush narrowly won the electoral votes. The question on Florida democratic state ballots, of disputed votes to count. Finally, the United States Supreme Court judged Bush won the Florida election, which also won the election. "Why is a politician? A politician

  • The 2000 US Presidential Election

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    States 2000 Presidential Election The United States Presidential elections are often events that captivate and interest a number of people around the world. The 2000 U.S. presidential election was particularly notable for more than one reason. Certainly, the fact that an election year in the year 2000, the marking of the next millennium and next century, is significant in of itself. In addition, there were a number of critical issues facing the candidates in this election, as with any election. The

  • Essay on The Presidential Election of 2000

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    The Presidential Election of 2000 It is hard to believe that it will be a year since the Bush vs. Gore campaign was in it’s final stages, or so we thought. The Bush vs. Gore campaign was at its climax in late October of 2000. The people of the nation were casting their votes and the two leading Candidates were neck and neck. The tension was sky high on Election Day, November 7th, 2000. Behold, we were to have a new president; well, possibly. Election experts have called “evolution”