2000 World Series

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  • Baseball World Series Affect On Kc Economy

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    Baseball World Series affect on KC Economy For my research assignment I chose the affects of the Royals winning the World Series on the economy in KC. The purpose of this paper is to show my step-by-step research process. I chose to research this topic because throughout my entire life I have been a huge Royals fan and watching them win the World Series was an insane experience. I was interested to see how the economy in KC was affected after the win and the parade in downtown. My first step in

  • The Cincinnati Red Stockings: The First Professional Baseball Team

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    they have done many things. In 1919, they won the World Series. This World Series was controversial due to the fact that some of the players the White Sox, the other team, bet on losing it. During the 1938 season, Johnny Vander Meer threw back to back no hitters, the only time in baseball history. In 1940 the Reds win the World Series again, but this time it was not controversial. It would be another 35 years until they win the World Series again, but comes much better. The 1970’s Reds teams

  • The League Baseball Became The National Pastime

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    the St. Louis Cardinals have had a rich history in baseball, for many years there have been many different teams won their respective divisions, have the best record in baseball, and win the amazing World Series. Although Major League Baseball has been around since the early 1800’s, since the year 2000 the St. Louis Cardinals have been one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals reside in the National League Central Division. There are 5 teams in the division now as of

  • How To Write A Biography Of Myers Essay

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    was a member of the Mets 1986 World Series-winning team. Myers became a closer in 1988 as he platooned with Roger McDowell after Jesse Orosco left for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Myers was traded to the Reds in 1990 for closer John Franco, and became one of the league's elite closers and the most successful member of the Nasty Boys trio, which also included Rob Dibble and Norm Charlton, while being selected as an All-Star in 1990. In 1990 Myers won his second World Series ring as the Reds swept the Oakland

  • Derek Jeter : The Greatest Baseball Player

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    baseball players I have ever seen his clutch hitting and his almost perfect fielding and his respect he had for the game is what made me and many others fall in love with him. Derek Jeter should be a first ballot Hall of Famer because of his stats his world series wins and his public image. If he does not get into the hall of fame his first year of eligibility it will be a shame. The only people who don 't like Derek Jeter are Boston Red Sox fans and that 's because the Red Sox are the Yankees rivals it

  • Billy Beane's Moneyball

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    Giambi, Johnny Damon, and Jason Isringhausen leave to join other teams in the free agency. Billy Beane, the team's general manager, responded with a series of under-the-radar free agent signings such as David Justice, Randy Verlarde, and Justin Duchscherer. The new-look Athletics, despite having no star power what so ever, surprised the baseball world by having the best 2001 team's regular season record. The team is most famous, however, for winning 20 consecutive games between August 13 and September

  • Yankee History Essay

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    Yankees History Throughout the Years Mikey Gaxiola Twin Falls,Idaho The Yankees have had great history with multiple championships and world class players. From the 1900 to 1950 the Yankees won 13 championships. The Yankees were know as the highlanders and their stadium was known as hilltop park because it was constructed on one of the highest places in Manhattan. The first game the yankees ever played in was on April 22 ,1903, they lost to Washington 0-3. According to the MLB official website“Pinstripes

  • Essay On Moneyball

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    The novel Moneyball by Michael Lewis is about Billy Beane and his reinvented way of making a winning team. Set in the early 2000’s, Beane uses unique thinking to make the Oakland Athletics a successful team. Back in the 1980’s, Beane was the star of his high school baseball team, and it looked like he was going to be a star. At least that is what the scouts thought. He struggled when he got to the minor leagues, but still made it to the majors. There, he was never a stand out and only played a small

  • The Toughest Miracle In The History Of Sports

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    the early to mid 2000’s, baseball was dominated by two Major League organizations: the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. These two storied organizations have boasted a historic past, each possessing arguably the greatest player the game has ever seen: Babe Ruth. Each of these clubs had hit their peak in the early 2000’s, and it set up for an epic clash in the 2004 American League Championship. The Yankees took an early three games to none lead in the best of seven game series, and all hope had

  • News and Analysis: Stephen Strasburg Shutdown

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    former number 1 pick, there ace Stephen Strasburg after he reached the 160 innings pitch mark no matter where they were in the postseason race, they were shutting him down for the remainder of the season. This created controversy around the sports world for the whole year of 2012 and is still being talked about on sports talk shows today. The nationals finished the regular season with the best record in the major leagues and a lot of that success was because of #37. He carried the pitching staff all