2005 Cronulla riots

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  • Analysis Of The Documentary Cronulla Riots

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    be an egalitarian land of equal opportunity; however, the documentary Cronulla Riots suggests that it is not applicable to all of its citizens. Especially for those Muslim Australians who lived 26km away from South of Sydney CBD during 11th Dec. 2005 – 15th Dec. 2005. They were ill disposed to their fellow White Australians living down the street from them. For them, tensions grew day by day. People affected by Cronulla Riots in any manner were ‘out of the frying pan, and were into the fire’, when

  • Los Angeles Riots

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    L.A. Riots The Los Angeles Riots goes down in history as one of the most famous and destructive riots in US history. The L.A. Riots started as an outcry to the acquittal of the four police officers who senselessly beat Rodney King which was caught on camera. To understand the core issues of the L.A. Riots, we have to go back to what started it all, the injustice of Rodney King. Rodney King, an African-American man who already had a run in with the law, lead police on a high-speed car chase in Los

  • Play Summary: Community Over Race

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    this play only focuses on the Los Angeles community the beauty of this is that every other community in the world all have the same type of people playing the same types of roles. If the riots were just based on one lone wolf pack, then that would be a different story, but everyone who took a part in these riots all identify with the same goal because they all felt the pain within the same

  • What Is The Theme Of The Bra Boys Movie

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    1. In the documentary "Bra Boys" the Abberton borthers, Sunny, Koby and Jai were the main laders of the brotherhood. Sunny in particular, was the head leader of the brotherhood and was the fimlamker of the documentary. The "Bra Boys" were portrayed as misunderstood heros, show as both the protagonist and the antagonist. Abberton wanted to show the audience that they helped the community and did good things for them. They were portrayed as the protagonist by the surfing community as they looked up

  • Reflective Essay Cronulla Riots

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    Reflective Essay- Cronulla Riots 2005 This essay will be reflecting upon how culture can influence individuals by the analysis of the Cronulla riots of 2005. It will touch on and emphasise how differing perspectives, thoughts, ideals and values are determined by a variety of cultural backgrounds and how in essence this defines each individual from the next. The experiences mentioned in this essay are of my own along with those of friends and family members that witnessed the cultural clash on December

  • Why Is There Religious Intolerance In Australia

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    backgrounds. You would think that this means that there would be a high religious tolerance in Australia, a diverse country with mixing and mingling of people from different walks of life. But large scale race/religious conflicts such as the the 2005 Cronulla riots shows us that that’s not the case. On the contrary, New Zealand has exhibited very few religious conflicts, and pretty much nothing to the scale that of in Australia. So why is it that New Zealand , despite sharing similarities with Australia

  • The Cronulla Riots

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    supportive of something that completely disagrees with the safety of our people. Were these acts right? Did hundreds of people need to be injured? The answer to both these questions are NO. So how did this event that stunned the nation start? Well the cronulla riots weren’t planned and meetings weren’t held for it, however a text message outlining the hatred felt towards the Lebanese community was sent. The message contained phrases such as “lets show these wogs this is our beach and they aren’t welcome

  • Reclaim Australia Persuasive Speech

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    attacks they don't compare to the Cronulla riots, held in 2005. “It almost felt like at that point that everyone who was of Islamic faith was almost a suspect. That there was this new peering at us all of a sudden; people sort of forgot that I'm an Australian and its now become he's muslim, he's lebanese” (Cronulla Riots Interview Unknown) The attacks were instigated when the week before a two volunteer lifeguards were attacked

  • An Examination Of The White Australia

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    Since the Whitlam Government passed the Racial Discrimination Act in 1975, the notion of “White Australia” was thought to have disappeared with it all together. However, time and time again, like cancer it strikes without warning. Though the media and government believe Australia has been inherently free from the White Australia notion, it has yet to truly disappear from modern day Australia. To understand why the White Australia notion has yet to disappear, an examination of Pauline Hanson needs

  • Key Areas Of The Australian Identity

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    Abstract This report explores 4 key areas of the Australian Identity which includes, Traditional values and how sport affects the nation and how the passion of teams brings happiness. Stereotypes expressing that not all Australian appearances are bogans or tanned beach boys and that not the whole of Australia is covered by deserts. Diversity and Change explores how religion and culture affects the nation and how Australia has become a multiculturalist nation and supporting many religions and races