2018 Commonwealth Games

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  • Commonwealth Games 2016 Essay

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    2018 is a big year for the Gold Coast; hosting one of the biggest events in Gold Coast’s history. On the 4th April 2018, an estimated 6600 athletes and team officials will fly to Brisbane airport from over 70 nations and territories. During the week of the Commonwealth Games – 18 sports and 7 para-sports are being contested and broadcasted to a global audience of an estimated 1.5 billion people (http://trademinister.gov.au/releases/Pages/2017/sc_mr_170404.aspx). The main reason the Gold Coast won

  • Sports Building Peace in Our Troubled World

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    around you. You may ask, how is this possible? Well the simplest way would be through sports. Introducing the Commonwealth Games in 1930, with it’s motto Humanity - Equality - Destiny is a perfect example on how people of different nations, ethics and believes come together through sports. In spite of the fact that not a single person could be titled as the “founder” of the Commonwealth Games, it was introduced by Reverand Astley Cooper in 1891. An article was written by him in 1891 for the Greater

  • The Global Challenge

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    Olympics, Commonwealth Games or World Cup event has seen some social unrest about the negative impact of the event on local people. Choose a recent Games-event host city and research the debate about the impact of that event on the city and its people. Critically discuss, i relation to relevant literature, the negative impacts the Games events have on a city and what gives rise to these impaction the basis of evidence that you have gathered and the literature on social struggles against games events

  • Common Wealth Games in India

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    Commonwealth Games The Commonwealth Games is a multinational, multi-sport event. Held every four years, it involves the elite athletes of the Commonwealth of Nations. Attendance at the Commonwealth Games is typically around 5,000 athletes. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the organization that is responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games. The first such event, then known as the British Empire Games, was held in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The name changed

  • Marketing Australia for the Commonwealth Games

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    As a part of the marketing team for the commonwealth games hosted in Glasgow in 2014, I have decided to market in Australia. I have chosen Australia, on account of them winning the event 11 times. Personally, I think they will have a larger a fan base due to the fact they are favourites of winning the event once again. Another reason to why I chose Australia is by virtue of them having a longstanding relationship with Scotland. In 2011 a census was carried out and 103,204 citizens where Scottish

  • The Impact Of The Commonwealth Games 2016

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    and best of government funds. It is the evidence that allows the government to decide to be held the Commonwealth Games 2018 at Gold Coast. At the moment, the money that the government spend on the construction are billion dollars but it can create more than 10000 jobs for the Australian and other potential benefit that the government will get in the future are very big. Because based on the game the Government have tight the relationship with 53 countries around the world and most of the country

  • Speech On Mascots

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    During the Commonwealth Games our mascot is going to be the face of the Gold Coast. Because the games are a celebration, choosing the perfect mascot to represent our city is so important. Spectators, athletes, Teams and countries will be gathering to celebrate the commonwealth on the Gold Coast, and our mascot has to embody the spirit and livelihood that Australia wants to represent yet again, at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. So, the mascot I want to propose to the Commonwealth Games committee is

  • Australia Hosting The Olympic Games

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    century, the extreme magnitude of the Games has made them a tool for economic development and social regeneration. This comes with a gigantic price tag for infrastructure, security etcetera, leaving host countries with large debts and maintenance liabilities. Australia first hosted the Olympics in Melbourne, 1956, and the second time in Sydney in 2000. By staging what the IOC President described as “the best Olympic Games ever", the 2000 Summer Olympic Games set the benchmark of future Olympics,

  • The Commonwealth Games: The Impact Of Galwealth Games

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    The Commonwealth Games is an event that the whole country is looking forward to. The opportunities for athletes, sponsors and the community are immeasurable. In this article, we will endeavor to show what benefits there will be, how possible issues will be resolved and what a great experience it will be for all those that attend. The Commonwealth Games is a national event that brings many different countries and people together. Helping out the partners of the annual Commonwealth Games is a goal

  • Maryann Talia Pau Research Paper

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    SAMOAN artist Maryann Talia Pau was in the country to weave one million stars which will be displayed at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia. Pau got inspired by a qoute by Doctor Martin Luther King Junior "Returning hate for hate multiplies hates, adding deeper darkness to a nigh already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hare, only love can do that." She said 800, 000 stars had been weaven by the people from all over