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  • Movie Theater : The Film Theater

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    1900s, a new type of entertainment emerged, the motion picture. The first movie theater opened in 1905, in Pittsburgh and showed short films. Since then, films have been a huge part of society. However, what made films so successful, was where they were being showed. The movie theater gave a certain magical touch to the movie that encouraged everyone to come see a film for themselves. In Chicago especially, movie theaters were extravagant and ornate, and were referred to as “Movie Palaces” because they

  • Informative Speech

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    Name: Date: Course: Instructor’s Name: Assignment: 3D Glasses Specific Purpose Statement: To enlighten my listeners about the history of 3D glasses as well as their mode of operation. Central Idea: 3D glasses were developed to assist individuals view objects in a three dimension without having to strain their eyes. Method of Organization: Topical INTRODUCTION I. (Gain attention and interest) Many of us have encountered 3D technology at one point in our lives such as the red and blue

  • Avatar, By James Cameron

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    Avatar is one of those profound movies with a deep meaning that strikes different emotions of the audience, which they might have not known they had. It hit most of the questionable topics that are mostly unspeakable now. Avatar is a spectacular movie written and directed by James Cameron. The movie is set in a breathtaking alien world called Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na’vi race. At first, they are viewed as a primitive wild, race but in reality they are more highly evolved than the audience

  • 1.Introduction 3D an ever-growing technology that started in the 1800’s, started as photography

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    movie Using polarized glasses, called ‘Echo’s of The Sun’. Later to follow in the 1990’s many films were released in IMAX 3D like ‘Into the Deep’ and ‘Wings of Courage” (The History of 3D Technology) Many big studios in 2000’s are released in 3D, using the latest HD video cameras. ‘Spy Kids 3D: Game over’, ‘Aliens of the Deep’, ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy Lavagirl’ and ‘The Polar Express’ are some of the films that were released. In 2010, there was a big push towards 3D television there are a few channels

  • A Synopsis Of Othello

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    The demand of 3D films has continually increased over the past decade. The revenues of these 3D films have always been on a rise, which is an indication that more people are watching movies in theatres. Reimagining Shakespeare’s Othello as a 3D movie can also help to reboot the story, especially among young people

  • Analysis Of All That Heaven Allows

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    cinema shares many similarities with the introduction of color into films. If we examine the histories of both technologies, Moana’s color analogue is Douglas Sirk’s melodrama All That Heaven Allows. In terms of timeline, both come at a point when the art form is still in between the astonishment and absorption phases of using the technology. Though All That Heaven Allows was made around fifteen years after the first technicolor films, the movie is still designed to have the audience notice its beautifully

  • Virtual Reality

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    How is Virtual Reality Succeeding Where 3D TV Failed For all of those who thought that VRs were just good for gaming, you are absolutely wrong. Although these may have started out as a sort of “descendant” of the 3D technology, VRs can actually be used in the medical field by researchers and tech companies. From this alone, you would realize how technology is able to provide a diversity that would be helpful to any kind of person. The 3D TVs death The release of the 2009 movie, “The Avatar” has

  • Themes Of Avatar

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    In the 21st century, movies present a platform for ideas and themes to be conveyed through a screen. Themes of change, environmental crisis, love, and death are all only a few of the most common themes that circulate through the Hollywood film industry. According to Annalee Newitz in her essay “When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar?”, a recurring theme she’s noticed is the theme of white guilt. In her essay, Newitz depicts the movie Avatar as nothing more than a colorful rehash of

  • Analysis Of Canadian Politician Ron Johnson

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    “Pricing is actually a pretty simple and straight forward thing. Customers will not pay literally a penny more than the true value of the product” (Johnson, R. n.d.). The introductory citation by Canadian Politician Ron Johnson lays the foundation for this case assignment. A case assignment composed of proposals to numerous companies pertaining to their pricing strategy. For products created by their individual organizations. Let’s kickoff this case assignment by exploring possible strategies

  • What Are The Major 3d Pen Pictures?

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    What are the major 3D pen pictures? Description: Try and make easy 3D pen pictures at home in order to create different useful things that can be used in daily life. The decorative aspect of these objects can be easily taken care by 3d pens. Drawing is nothing but a fun game for creating arts. But in most of the cases, it has been found that only two-dimensional images are getting created. If you want to take this particular artistic activity to another level ahead, then nothing can be the best