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  • Dramatic Monologue And Symbolism In William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice

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    Language features such as dramatic monologue and symbolism are a key component in understanding significant messages of a play, as well as expressing the Author’s overall purpose in a text. “ The Merchant Of Venice”, by William Shakespeare- demonstrates a number of key ideas, one being to teach us the concept of mercy being righteous and morally acceptable than justice. Shakespeare does this explicitly by modelling his characters to represent this idea through forms of language features, in specific

  • Analysis Of Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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    When I first read these lines, I was shocked. The gods in Lewis’ novel represent the Christian God. Furthermore justice is considered, by Christians, to be a cardinal virtue. It made no sense that Lewis, a devout Anglican, would imply that God was not just. I began to wonder: What is justice that could possibly make it a quality separate from the divine attributes of God? I then realized that justice is only ever ethical, when paired with mercy. An eye for an eye, despite being just, is considered

  • Australian Sport

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    reduces the impact great hits, aces and saves have on a game compared to other sports respective method of scoring. The sport increased its turnover in the last two years, leading to a season of ‘Inside Volleyball’ (talk show) being broadcasted on 7two. Volleyball is not reported in print or radio, limiting coverage and exposure to the general public. Viewers who are not made aware of competition held in Australia or any of the national player’s impact participation because they immediately side