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  • Critique Of Twelfth Night

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    providing context for a scene, such as the descent of the chandelier denoting Olivia’s home and the use of disco balls to indicate the production’s 70s era setting. The essence of this production, alongside the comedy, is its musicality, and Rice arranged the play into essentially a musical, backed by composer Ian Ross’ lovely soundtrack. The mishmash of classic 70s songs, Scottish jigs, and original tracks based on Shakespeare’s songs and words, performed by a kilt wearing band in the galley, left little

  • Similarities Between 70 And 70

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    The 70’s v. 2017 Life in the 70’s was very different than it is today. When you compare the 1970s to 2017 you can see the huge differences, and maybe some similarities. A lot has changed since the 70’s, including the style, lifestyle, pop culture, and more. Since the 70’s a lot has changed, we have changed in some ways and are similar in more ways than one. Here are the differences and similarities between the 70’s and today, 2017. In the 70’s the first president of the decade was Richard Nixon

  • My Television Series Analysis : Jon Turner And Terry Turner

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    For my television series analysis I will talk about That 70s Show, a Fox sitcom originally aired from the year 1998 to 2006. The creators of this show are Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner and Mark Brazil. Bonnie and Terry Turner are a husband-and-wife writing team, they are known for creating the sitcoms 3rd Rock from the Sun. That '80s Show for FOX in, and Normal, Ohio starring John Goodman. Mark Brazills a television creator and executive producer. He is known as being the co-creator of the series

  • Trip Down Florida Highway 101

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    If you are like me, you have grown bored with the theme parks, not to mention the expense, in Orlando, Florida. Here are a few ideas that have been fun-filled and educational for our family. We travel in a camper, which opens a whole new world of travel. If you don 't have a camper, one can be rented from almost any RV salesperson. Prices vary, but it will average out to about the same as a week in Orlando. These are just our experiences, and we are not a travel agent. Number 1: If you enjoy Florida

  • Groovy On The 70s

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    “Groovy on 70s” If you're into making love ,not war. Protesting for peace And agreement one and other. Rocking out to the popular music Led Zeppelin. Wearing your own type style. Then you should listen up! The 1970s is definitely right for you! The 1970s was decade most memorable well recognized to other. The definition of a decade is a ten year period of time, and 1970-1979 is what made up the 70s.It has changed the way we see the world today. In the 70s Americans payed attention on the environment

  • The 1960s Of The 70s

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    Ever wonder what it’s like to be back in the 70s? Well I certainly do! Every decade has a special significant and I believe that we should learn about it. In the 1970s, it was a time period filled with equality fighting, freedom opportunity, change, and war. One interesting fact that I noticed in the 70s is that it is a continuation of the 60s. During this decade, women continued to fight for their equality and Americans joined the protest against the Vietnam War that was going on during this time

  • Family Values In The Family Of The American Family

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    Picture a picture frame sitting on the mantel over a fireplace, sitting in the frame is a warm candid family sitting on the couch, the photo reads 12/ 25/77. The father is holding a beer with his four-year-old daughter sitting on his lap her curly black hair almost engulfing her face. She is opening a present wrapped in shining green paper, the girl’s mother sitting next to them smiling in excitement to see what her daughter thinks of her gift. Happy American family during the holidays. This is initially

  • 70's Decade

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    The 70’s decade was a milestone in US (United States) history for many reasons. It was an important stride in women's rights, sports, education, politics, global issues, and helping nature. From catchy phrases, to presidential scandals, the 70’s decade majorly contributed to our US history. One major event in the 70’s was sports for many reasons. Cassius Clay had defended his title 8 times, but in 1967 outside the ring, he lost a major battle. He was convicted of refusing to submit induction into

  • Business Ethics In The 70s

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    issues, along with drug use and tension between the employee and employer. At that time companies began to establish codes of conduct. This is when companies created values and responsibilities which would be the company’s most important objective. The 70s saw some development of business ethics. This decade, in the beginning, had escalated rates of unemployment, the company suffered through a recession as well as human rights issues. There were forced labors and the wages did not amount to much. By the

  • An Essay On The 70's

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    decide for music. Building on the shoulder’s of giants with 60’s music, many music styles developed in the 70’s are still widely appreciated to this day. The 70’s defined an era of dance and rock music. It was an era of disco and acid rock, and a psychedelic swarm of civil unrest. It evolved the music industry into yet unexplored territories, innovations that still linger in the music of today. The 70’s were scatterbrained, we’d see flamboyant superstars like David Bowie share the top 40 with the likes