71st Academy Awards

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  • Examples Of Comedy In Life Is Beautiful

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    Roberto Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful, is a film that is set in a concentration camp and combines comedy with the seriousness of the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Benigni’s task in making this film was significant, by taking a tremendous risk, making a “comedy about the Holocaust.” And the fact that he pulled it off so well, despite the expected controversy it has aroused in some quarters, is downright miraculous. Benigni initially accesses the emotions of his audience through simple comedy

  • A Brief Biography of Walt Disney

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    impacted all walks of life. He had a 64 year life full of glory but eventually he died from chain smoking complications. (He was never seen smoking in public though.) Walt Disney was one of the most influential entertainers in the 1900’s for his numerous awards, his work in popularizing animation, and his use of propaganda to attract all age groups. Walt Disney has a timeless appeal, which is what makes him so influential throughout the 1900's and beyond. Walt Disney was born on December 1st, 1901, in Chicago

  • When Diving Into A Book Or A Piece Of Literature Structured Like A Fairy Tale

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    When diving into a book or a piece of literature structured like this one must keep an open mind to the points of view they will encounter. This may not be the average book, for example it is different than the other literary works that are often discussed in the classroom. Even though it is not a story like a fairy tale is, this type of book is still enjoyable and easy to discuss. However, there is a huge amount of opinions

  • Ellen Degeneres Research Paper

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    Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres is a celebrity many of us know. We know that she hosts a television show and makes people laugh. She looks like she has it all together but, do you really know how she came to be the Ellen DeGeneres we know? On January 26, 1958, 58 years ago, DeGeneres was born into the world. She was welcomed by parents, Betty and Elliot DeGeneres and by brother, Vance. She lived a pretty normal childhood, spending her days either at school or out on the wild streets of New Orleans

  • African Americans: The Role Of Racism In Hollywood

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    “Man, I counted at least 15 black people on that monitor. I’m here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the White Peoples Choice Awards.” said Chris Rock to kick off the 2016 Oscars Academy Awards. The Awards were surrounded with controversy through and through. It was the second time in a row that absolutely no African Americans had been nominated. Considering that a lot of great movies came out in which African Americans either wrote, directed, or acted in, a few in the the Black community

  • Gate Keepers Research Paper

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    Last year there was a huge debacle with many African American actors protesting the Oscars. The issue was a lack of diversity involving the nominations for awards. Only white actors and actresses were nominated for the top four awards, sadly for the second year in a row. Because of this, the hashtag #oscarssowhite gained popularity, and was seen all across social media. Granted, the Oscars is movie nominations, but TV and movies play hand and hand with being film entertainment. Also, there were

  • Lolo Loarlo Analysis

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    Sexuality plays a significant role in the novel. Be it Oscars’ inability to have sex, Yunior, the narrators, constant search for a woman, the sexual abuse that Lola is victim of as a child or the constant sexualization of Beli as a teen. In these cases, when analyzed, the reader can see that the treatment or, mistreatment of these cases, is often transgenerational. Starting with Lola, the sexual abuse she experienced was at a very young age, and when she tells her mother about it, she is told that

  • Mo Nique And Fey Similarities

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    Two very talented comedians in their own right but have you ever wondered how did they become the stars that they are and how different were their paths in getting there? Who are their targeted audience and why? The obvious similarities between Mo’Nique and Fey is that they are both women and both are comedians but the similarities stop there. Mo’Nique was brought up in a two parent household however her family struggled with addictions and abuse. Fey also was brought up in a two parent household

  • Discrimination Of African American Women In The Film Industry

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    let’s face it, discrimination isn’t over, and it never will be. Women have been belittled in almost every industry in comparison to males. The numbers are there, and there is no argument against it, women have made and do make less. Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous that in this day and age that we have advanced to, we still see women as less superior and deserving of less pay. the average wage for women is seventy-seven cents to the dollar that a man makes for the exact same job. To add salt to the

  • Review of American Beauty Essay

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    Review of American Beauty The 1999 Academy Award winning movie American Beauty has many major plots and shows the reality of American life. This movie uses symbolism to get ideas across in many different situations and it shows the actuality of life, it is not always what it looks like on the outside. Lester and Carolyn Burnham seem like they have a perfect marriage and a perfect family life while in turn they are having a lot of marriage problems. Lester is going through a midlife crisis;