7th Earl of Cardigan

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    "Not though the soldier knew, someone had blundered. Thiers not to make reply, thiers not to reason why, thiers but to do and die." Lord Tennyson wrote the last sentence as part of a larger poetic tribute to the courage of those who made a particular charge during the battle of Balaclava. This essay is to address the Mission Command principles of Lord Raglan, and how as commander he influenced the Battle of Balaclava. Lord Raglan's most notable impacts on the Battle of Balaclava was not building

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    Conflict drives the audience into the lives of others, making it the best literature. Tim Winton expresses his childhood experiences in his short stories, such as 'Big World'. The conflict includes the narrator’s inner feelings, conflict with his Mother and Biggie, being successful and his attitude towards the environment.'The Charge of the Light Brigade' (1870) is a poem, composed by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The conflict includes the devastation of war and the brave soldiers who fought. Tim Winton's

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