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  • Adderall

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    and sought for drugs found on college campuses in the world today. Adderall and other forms of the “smart drug” have become more and more popular when it comes to students and young professionals trying to get an advantage. It will discuss both the positive and negative side effects of taking these smart pills along with the specific affects/reasons for ingesting them whether they are prescribed or not. Introduction Adderall, a prescription drug, was first developed to treat patients that suffer

  • Essay on Adderall Addiction

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    there may be a solution that allows the student to focus on the study so eighteen hours is enough. Better yet, maybe sleep is unnecessary. This is a reality for the 6.4 percent of college students that use unprescribed Adderall. College students all over the country take Adderall everyday to improve performance in school. College can be a challenge with endless papers, tests, and

  • Effects of Adderall on Learning Essay

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    being is that if diagnosed, those students would have access to medication that has been shown to promote better awareness and attentiveness as well as special accommodations such as additional time for tests. The main medication that they desire is Adderall (aphemtamine-dextroamphetamine). It was first approved by the FDA in 1996 and its effects

  • Student Justifications for Abusing Adderall

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    What Are U of M Students’ Perceptions of Adderall? INTRODUCTION With the increased pressure to succeed and the chaotic collegiate lifestyle taking a toll on students, Adderall has evolved into the “go-to drug.” The Class II prescription amphetamine is intended to solely treat individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The stimulant “works to enhance concentration by stimulating the production of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain” (Stolz 585).

  • Adderall : A Form Of Amphetamine Essay

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    instant release and extended release, Adderall IR and Adderall XR, respectively. The difference between the two is how the actual pill is made, the extended release one is made of plastic which extends the process in which the Adderall treats the body. On the other hand, the instant release one treats the body instantly, which requires the body to take more doses of it. In other words, patients with a more severe case of ADHD, Narcolepsy and/or depression take Adderall IR. ADHD is a brain disorder that

  • Adderall: A Growing Trend Among College Students Essay

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    Adderall: A Growing Trend Among College Students Brian,* a 20-year-old Northeastern University student, carefully lays out his “stash” of blue pills on a table one Sunday evening. As he organizes them into groups according to size and dosage, he mentally runs through his class work and assignments for the week. “A physics quiz on Tuesday,” he says, eyes still fixed on the dozen or so blue pills on the table. “A calc test on Friday and a lab due on Thursday.” Brian sinks back into his chair

  • College Candy Making Success That Much Sweeter Essay

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    prescription drug, Adderall has become the drug of choice for ambitious college students, and has earned the title of being today’s college candy and academic steroid. First introduced and approved by the U.S. FDA, Adderall became the common treatment for those suffering from ADHD and narcolepsy. The drug is considered a schedule II stimulant, falling in the same category as cocaine and codeine due to its addictive nature (Tran). Nicknamed “addy” by college students, Adderall and its effects have

  • Neuroenhancing Drugs By Margaret Talbot Summary

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    In her article, Brain Gain: The Underground World of “Neuroenhancing” Drugs, Margaret Talbot discuss’ the use of different drugs like Adderall, to boost their productivity. She’s writing to people from college up to people who have 9 to 5 office jobs. She uses her essay to not be on one side or the other, but to analyze both points of view. She never puts in, or implies, that she has had a personal experience, and her background doesn’t give her much credibility to speak on the matter to people who

  • The Need for Regulation of Amphetamine Consumption of College Students

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    overwhelmed and under pressure freshman student turns to drugs as well. The drugs are not methamphetamines or cocaine, but a tiny pill obtained from a helpful friend with ADHD. With an unfinished paper due in the morning, the student ingests the Adderall pill and their energy and focus increases. In the morning, the triumphant student shows up to class and turns in a completed essay. The paper is returned with an “A”.

  • Can 't Hold Them Down For Long?

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    Can’t Hold Them Down for Long What is good parenting? It can mean many things to different people. Most parents struggle daily wondering if they are good parents. But one thing that many parents do is hold their children back. Sometimes parents may constrict their children either to keep them safe. Other times they may be trying to keep them from becoming someone that the parents don’t want them to become. As children grow up they want to become their own person. They want to live their life the