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    Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler, to some, was a great ruler, but to others he was a murderer. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and was the dictator of Germany. He ordered to have millions of Jews murdered or thrown in prisons. Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in a small town in Australia called Branuan. His dad's name was Alios Hitler and was a customs official. He was 51 years old when Adolf was born. Klara Polz, Adolf's mother, was a farm girl and was 28 when Adolf was born

  • Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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    1.Collaborator: a) Adolf Hitler and his men. b) Organizing what was to be the killing and genocide of the Jewish people that spread through most of Europe. This is known as the Holocaust. c) 1933-1945 d) Germany e) Collaborator’s during the Holocaust such as Hitler and the brown shirts. Worked together to complete the genocide of roughly eleven million people. When Hitler rose to power in Germany, he became the collaborator directing all germans to begin what is known as the Holocaust. This is

  • Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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    the Germans unfortunately did back then. Adolf Hitler, the man behind the lies, abused this weakness in Germany through his work Mein Kampf. He gave them someone to blame is a time of suffering. Hitler effectively established his credibility and then utilized false analogies to persuade a distraught, German audience, to follow him. Initially, Germans were very receptive to the analogies presented at the start of the chapter because of the credibility Hitler established.. About the time of World War

  • Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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    All though Hitler was known for hating jews , however his first love/ crush happened to be a jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. Hitler ruined the lives of many Jews and what he did was not right because he murdered thousands of Jews, he put them through camps, and he destroyed many of their families. (Adolf Hitler) Adolf Hitler or just known as Hitler was an German Politician and a Nazi leader. He was known for causing the Holocaust, and being in great power during that time. He rose in power in the

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    “Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, which was on Easter Sunday. Adolf was one of four children but none of the other children lived past two years of age. After Adolf was born, his mom, Klara, had two more kids who did live to be older than two. Adolf’s mom, Klara, had been traumatized by the death of her first three children, causing her to go crazy”. Klara always worried about Adolf dying. Adolf also had two half brothers and sisters from his dad Alois Hitler. Alois Hitler was never a big

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    (Aftermath). Adolf Hitler became angered by the people who thrived during this depression and wanted to take action against them immediately. Specifically, the Jewish Population were the ones who thrived when the rest of Germany suffered and they were considered to be the root of Germany’s problems (Holocaust | The reasons for the Holocaust). Hitler was also culturally influenced by the D.A.P., which is the group that drove him into realizing his true hatred for the Jewish community. Hitler and the Nazis

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    What comes to mind when the name Adolf Hitler is mentioned? Megamaniac, a genius in all the wrong ways? Hitler had a vision for Germany. He wanted to eliminate the Jews, make the future of Germany “brighter;” have a lasting impact on the land that everyone knew. Hitler came to power in 1933 and maintained power until 1945. His main vision was to exterminate all of the Jews or any “unpure” population that would crowd or get in the way of any of his other goals. Hitler believed that the youth was the

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    “The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes” (Adolf Hitler). Adolf Hitler was a heroic figure to many people throughout Germany. He became a great successor in Germany in both politics and war. His political victories led him into becoming dictator of Germany. His anti-semitic ways created a path to his extreme loyalty to the German Empire although he was born in Austria. He is very influential to history even though he participated in evil acts of crime. “If you

  • Significance Of Adolf Hitler

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    Have you ever wondered how Adolf Hitler’s leadership was successful and how he took Germany to war. Hitler had to go through a lot of arguments to get where he got in Germany. He hated Jews and liked to take stuff that didn’t belong to him. Hitler did not accomplish a lot while being leader in Germany. This how Hitler was significant while being leader. If he didn’t do any of the things he did then he wouldn’t of been significant. Adolf Hitler’s leadership was significant because lots of people and

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    Hitler, A Tyrannical dictator, A murderer, But also an outlandish Military Leader. An Austrian Man who ruled the Weimar Republic from 1933 to 1945. But to wonder, How well did Adolf Hitler dictate The Weimar Republic to the extent where the German people supported his motives and Ideas. Though he was convincing he was a brutal man when it came to threatening other Nations, And that’s how Adolf Hitler used Appeasement to his advantage. But yet, Adolf Hitler was a well spoken man, He himself was able