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  • Alexander Hamilton : The Influence Of Alexander Hamilton

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    individual that has influenced millions of people would be Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton is influential because he was one of Washington’s most trusted soldiers, his outlook on life inspired many people, and he created the first national bank. Alexander Hamilton is influential because he was one of Washington's most trusted soldiers. For example, an article called Alexander Hamilton Biography states, “He

  • Alexander Hamilton

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    duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. Alexander Hamilton's earlier career as a Continental Army officer is less well known. Yet Hamilton's first experience in public service is important, not only because it was the springboard to his later career, but because it also deeply influenced his values and thinking” (Hamilton). Alexander Hamilton was born as a British subject on the island of Nevis in the West Indies on the 11th of January 1755. His father, James Hamilton -- Scottish merchant of St. Christopher

  • Alexander Hamilton

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    Alexander Hamilton was once heard saying this statement: “The voice of the people has been said to be the voice of God; and, however generally this maxim has been quoted and believed, it is not true to fact. The people are turbulent and changing, they seldom judge or determine right.” (“Alexander Hamilton Quotes.”) Alexander Hamilton was a man of numerous skills, with many of them contributing in the Revolutionary War. Alexander’s birth father was a Scottish trader named James Hamilton, and his

  • Alexander Hamilton

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    Alexander Hamilton When producing something as important as the document outlining an entire nation’s culture, it is helpful to have inventive and innovative thinkers; however, it is necessary to have leaders with experience and knowledge. The United States needed a strong leader who stood for his beliefs and could execute them to their full potential. When Alexander Hamilton entered Independence Hall on May 14, 1787, that was exactly what he was willing to do for his country. He helped with

  • Alexander Hamilton

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    Consider Napoleon, Fox, and Hamilton the three greatest men of our epoch, and If I were force to decide between the three, I would give without hesitation the first place to Hamilton (Kaplan 284)”. Those are the words of prominent French diplomat Charles Maurice De Talleyrand after spending a year in the United States. Those words of respect came because of the actions and influences that Alexander Hamilton had on a young United States that still have an effect today. Hamilton helped shaped and interpret

  • Alexander Hamilton And Thomas Hamilton

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    politicians: Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. During George Washington’s presidency, he pointed Hamilton, as the Secretary of the Treasury and Jefferson, as the Secretary of the States in his cabinet. Despite the worry of Washington of damaging the unity, Hamilton and Jefferson had so much objections in each other’s idea of a modelist government they desire to be. As a result, in the end of Washington’s presidency, they declared to separate into the Federalists, leaded by Hamilton and the Democratic

  • Analysis Of Alexander Hamilton

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    The Truth About Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton gave viewers a musical that portrays its protagonist as an idealistic American hero. Throughout the musical, Alexander Hamilton fights against the British, defends the U.S. Constitution, and works for a better America. Even though he did do all these things, the musical does not include some of the downfalls of Hamilton’s philosophy. In reality, he also believed in a monarchial system of government, disliked the lower class, and was not the abolitionist

  • Alexander Hamilton Contributions

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    Americans are aware of the profound impact Alexander Hamilton had on our nation’s development with his creation of multiple, important institutions. Hamilton, a true Founding Father of our nation, is primarily accountable for the design and establishment of Federal institutions, especially for the financial system which helped form the states into a nation. These creations of his helped put this nation on its path toward an industrial economy. Hamilton wanted a manufacturing economy founded on

  • Biography Of Alexander Hamilton

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    Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11th, 1757, in a spot in the Caribbean that it’s now called Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis. His childhood was what you consider “not ideal”. When he was ten years old, his father had left his mother, Rachel Fawcett Lavien. Alex then got hired at his first job when he was 11, but then another disaster struck. Alex and his mother fell ill. Alex recovered after sometime, but his mother died. He and his brother, James Hamilton Jr., were sent to go live with

  • Alexander Hamilton Contributions

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    tragedy and pain, his death becoming the most famous duel in American history. Born between 1755 and 1757 and orphaned at a young age, Alexander Hamilton climbed the social ranks from a poor immigrant born in the small Caribbean island of Nevis, to one of the most prominent founding fathers of America. Through several scandals and the harsh criticisms of his enemies, Hamilton made incredibly important contributions to American history. He was instrumental in the ratification of the United States Constitution