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  • The American Of African Americans

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    Introduction African Americans were once a target of slavery in the United States. Slavery was abolished with the creation of the 13th Amendment, but after that, came segregation among white people and African Americans. African Americans had to suffer from Jim Crow laws that prevented them from being treated the same as white people. Jim Crow laws lasted for about 80 years until all were abolished. Despite all the difficulties African Americans had to face in the past, African Americans had a huge role

  • To Be An American

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    To Be an American America is considered to be a young country that has had a very interesting history and continues to. To be called an American has many meanings depending on the individual. America has a history that shows progress, hardship, sorrow, happiness, humanity, and so much more. America still has a long way to go but is home for thousands of people from all kinds of backgrounds. For me as an American means to stay strong against any adversity and to keep learning. An American means to

  • African Americans And Asian Americans

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    high level of success in today’s western society. The term has been used most often to describe Asian Americans, group seen as having attained economic and education success at significantly higher rates than that of other minority groups. Although first coined by sociologist William Petersen in 1966, the term “model minority” was not popularized and nationalized as a reference to Asian Americans through radio and television outlets, and even some academics until the mid-1970s. The

  • Italian American And Italian Americans

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    that they were a second & third generation of Italian American citizen of the United States. Italian American assume that this was the way of life. The first generation instill a powerful belief of the way of life into the second and third generation. Everyone stay together and live together. Italian and Italian American felt like they were different from all other race like Irish, Jewish Polish, Black American, German and more. The Italian American now do not practice the old ways of their Italian

  • African Americans And The American Dream

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    Intro: The American Dream attracts many people from all over the world, people have an image that living in America grants them the life of their dreams, but does living in america really grant people the perfect life? The Case For Reparations by Coates explains how African Americans have struggled in the past with racism and discrimination. He goes on to talk about their lives during slavery and post slavery, and how African Americans are unemployed and undereducated. Aja ET AL.’s essay From A

  • Asian American And Asian Americans

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    Asian Americans are a very diverse group in the United States, which include many races such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, and many more. Birth country, ancestry, and family heritage are ways to categorize this specific group. According to the 2010 Census, the Asian American population has grown faster than any other group from 2000 to 2010 (Pew Research, 2012). Asian Americans are either immigrants from Asia or are descendants of immigrants. Asian Americans have an

  • The American And American Culture

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    gender was nothing to hold me back and constantly reminded me that I had American privilege and opportunities that they did not as immigrants. I never understood what they meant until I reached adulthood and everything became apparent. As an adult I did come to understand that my gender would be an issue to the outside world both in Mexican and American culture. Furthermore, I came to understand that I did indeed have American privilege as my immigrant parents and other family members did not. To

  • The American And Mexican American Organizations

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    against in one form or another, but an extreme example of this is with the Mexican and Mexican American citizens in the United States of America. This group of people have seen almost every form of discrimination to not being allowed in schools, to not being appointed fair and civil court cases. In order to stop the unequal treatment the Mexican American population formed LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. LULAC has worked throughout the years to stop discrimination against their people

  • The American Of American History

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    Spain; and before there was Boston, Mass., there was Santa Fe, N.M. The teaching of American history generally highlights the establishment and development of the British colonies in North America, their appearance as an independent nation in 1776, and the change of the United States from east to west. This action easily overlooks the fact that there was important colonization by Spain of what is now the American Southwest from the 16th century on. It also tends to disregard, until the Mexican War

  • African Americans And Caucasian Americans

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    The tensions are still there also because there still continue to be separate standards society sets for African Americans and Caucasian Americans. Would individuals feel the need to set or think about the standards if we did not have black history month? This notion probably would not cross the minds of individuals if certain months of the year did not celebrate one race individually. Interracial marriage or dating is still considered a socially unacceptable sighting or experience. Individual feels