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  • Background Of The Arabian Nights

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    Background of “The Arabian Nights” The Islamic Golden Age Among several renown works of the Islamic Golden Age is The Thousand and One Nights, which was consolidated between the 10th and the 14th centuries, and which later became a source of inspiration for not only many writers, but also for the Arabian Theater. The Islamic Golden Age refers to the period when the Muslim world was ruled by various caliphates, which came to an end in 1258 due to the Mongol invasions and the sack of Baghdad. Nonetheless

  • Arabian Nights Essay

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    ouUnpopular yet magical and organized film The title of the fantasy-adventure film is Arabian Nights. It was released on the 30th of april in the year 2000. It was directed by a British director, Steve Barron. He is the same director of the movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996) and other fantastic movies. The movie was produced by 6 producers. Namely, Peter Barnes, Howard --, Robert H—and--. There are 2 main characters in the film. – Avital is charming as

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Arabian Nights '

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    Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1974 film, Arabian Nights, uses enframing in order to produce a rich dialogue around a particular theme seen in The Arabian Nights stories. His film uses two kinds of enframing devices, parallel stories and dictated stories. Parallel stories are instances where the camera moves between two different characters and their stories. Dictated stories are instances where the characters themselves read or relate a story. Both of these enframing methods work to draw comparisons between

  • Comparison Of Feminism In The Arabian Nights

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    Dasha Kofman Arabian Nights Paper 11/14/17 Abstract In my paper I will discuss how Sharazade’s role as a woman allows her to act as an advocate for female empowerment, through literature and storytelling. Initially, I will focus on the feminist role of Sharazade and how she is placed within her circumstances: 1001 nights of storytelling to the King to spare her life and the masses of woman after her. I will then go on to examine how Sharazade champions the case of feminine within her tales. She

  • Theater Review : The Arabian Nights

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    Theater Review: The Arabian Nights On Sunday, March 19, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending Cal State University San Bernardino’s The Arabian Nights musical theater production written by Mary Zimmerman and adapted from the classical story of “The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night”. Run time was a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes, with special ticket pricing for students was 6 dollars, general being 15 dollars and special 12 dollars. As the book suggests the original story consists of 1001

  • The Arabian Nights : One-Thousand And One Nights

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    Arabian Nights, otherwise known as One-Thousand and One Nights, is a collection of Middle Eastern folklore compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The work was collected over many centuries by multiple authors, translators, and scholars from all over the world. It was first translated into english in 1706 by Antoine Galland. The stories themselves trace back to ancient and medieval Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Indian and Jewish folklore and literature. The actual plot of Arabian Nights took

  • The Role Of Women In The Arabian Nights

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    of being untrustworthy, due to their approach of going around the rules. Although this may be true, their limited possibilities push them to use their cleverness to look for alternatives that will help them reach their goals. The stories of The Arabian Nights demonstrate that when women are in control of a situation they must be trusted, as long as they act upon good will. Heroes, kings and presidents, for so long men are the protagonist of the stories. Across the world and through the centuries

  • Essay on Sex and Lies in Arabian Nights

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    Sex, Lies, and Open Sesame In Richard Burton’s translation of Arabian Nights, several stories revolve around three ideas; sex, lies, and violence. It seems that one idea hinges on another and the stories use one to justify the other. This paper will explore the use of sex, lies, and violence and their interdependence on one another throughout three stories. These stories are “The Story of King Shahryar and His Brother,” “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” and

  • Essay on Gender and Power in The Arabian Nights

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    Gender and Power in The Arabian Nights Works Cited Not Included Contemplating the relationship between gender and power, one undoubtedly notices that tradition regards men as the holders of official office and power. Historically, men have also always been the leaders of their families, and turned to in times of trouble or need. Making generalizations is normally a weak approach to any task; in this case however, it is necessary to do so in order to illustrate how drastically opposite the situations

  • Importance Of Muslim Values In The Arabian Nights

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    The Arabian Nights also known as 1001 nights is a collection of entertaining and meaningful stories within stories translated by Husian Haddawy. According to Haddawy, “The stories in The Arabian Nights are works that have been collected over centuries from India, Persia, and Arabia”. The stories in the book are not only entertaining but are also meaningful. Even though The Arabian Nights does not relate to the Quran, there are important Muslim values that are emphasized in the stories, and these