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  • Argentina

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    Argentina Argentina is one country of America, located in South America, bordered by Chile to the west and south, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast. Argentina has 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, its capital and largest city. It is the eighth-largest country in the world by land area and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations. Argentina’s estimate population is of 42,192,500 people and the total area is of 2,780,400 km2. The north

  • Argentina 's Foreign Policy : Argentina

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    and terrains, Argentina is by no means a small country. Argentina makes up the whole southern half of South America, covering 2.8 million square kilometers (Geographia). Argentina contains some of the world 's tallest mountain ranges, vast deserts, and large scale waterfalls (Geographia). Being the eighth largest country in the world with a large amount of natural resources, Argentina has the potential to join the leaders on the global stage. Although having latent potential, Argentina lacks the ability

  • Argentina Essay

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         Argentina is a federal republic in southern South America on the border of Bolivia and Paraguay; on the east by Brazil, Uruguay, and the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and Chile, and on the west by Chile. The country is the biggest country on the south side and is triangular in shape, with the base in the north and the corner at Punta Dungeness, the southeastern tip of the continent. The length of Argentina in a northern to southern direction

  • Souvenirs Of Argentina

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    and rich history, do you know which are the best items to take back home? If not, take a look at the selection of some of the most representative souvenirs of Argentina. Because you won’t just want to bring an item with you, but get a little piece of an amazing country, a token of their culture. Take a look! It is no wonder that Argentina is known for its leather since it is one of the world’s biggest producers of meat. With more than 200 tanneries, they have a fabulous production of high quality

  • An Essay On Argentina

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    Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking country located in southern South America that is filled with 43,761,541 people, with 39,608,040 native Spanish speakers (Argentina Population). Argentina is bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Argentina is a Republic style Government with leader Mauricio Macri (Moore). The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso that is 14.3164 pesos to equal one U.S. dollar (The Worlds). Argentina was founded on July 9, 1816 by locals who were

  • Argentina Dirty War : Argentina

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    Argentina Dirty War Throughout Argentina and as well many other Central American countries during that of the late 1970’s, many were going through severe political upheaval. This political catastrophe coupled with various human rights violations pushed many people to the edge and out of their homeland. Economically drained and scared for their lives Argentines sought freedom and asylum within the United States. For many this was the start of something new in a foreign country with people that

  • Argentina Case Study

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    COUNTRY OVERVIEW Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. It is mostly a lowland country with expansive lush, well-watered level plains, known as the pampas. This country is the second largest country in South America, and it’s shaped like a wedge with the point towards the south. In 2005, the population was almost 39 million people. About 25% of the population was under the age of 15. The climate is generally temperate, but due to the size, it varies a lot due to the region that

  • The Culture and Variety of Argentina

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    The Culture and Variety of Argentina The country of Argentina is one rich in history and complex in culture. It is located in the far reaches of South America, inhabiting 1,068,302 square miles of the southeastern region of the continent, and over 39,000,000 people populate it. Those people make up the identity of a culture, a society of Argentinians that inhabit a unique place amongst not only the Latin-American region, but also the world as a whole. If we are to analyze the culture of the

  • Themes In Imagining Argentina

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    Imagining Argentina is a novel written by Lawrence Thornton, which is set in the era of the late 1970s of Argentina, during the dirty war. The dirty war came into effect when a military junta had taken power by force, shortly after the former president was removed. The main cause of the dirty war was to suppress the people of Argentina who are on the side of left wing politically. Anyone suspected or even related to the side of left-wing would have a green falcon visit their home or wherever they

  • The Culture and History of Argentina

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    from all around the world and mostly from Europe. Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. The city is also known as the cultural capital and it represents political, economic and cultural heart of the country. Argentinian culture is spreaded in lots of areas from dance to language and it has very unique sides which makes the culture extremely interesting. The number of spoken languages in Argentina is at least 40, although Spanish is dominant. According to 2010 national census and