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  • Evaluation Of A Good Argument

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    7.3 – Neutralization of the fallacy: In paragraph 4 the author has violated the sufficiency criterion of a good argument. The author has violates the sufficiency criteria by committing the fallacy of false analogy. In paragraph 4 the author states, “In the mid 1940s – before publicly funded healthcare – my grand parents sold their car to pay the hospital bill related to my father’s birth, so “purchasing” the birth of a child is nothing new.” This is a wrong analogy. Just because you pay for hospital

  • Evaluation Argument

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    Barbara Eddins Introduction to Philosophy 102 Dr. Roberts February 28, 2013 The Substance to Life I feel like the two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why you were born. There are all kinds of theories of how life is supposed to be. People believe all sorts of things of how life will be like. I feel like everyone in the world was put on this plant for a reason. We may not always know why we were put here but I think that is the goal in life

  • Teaching Argument Evaluation in An Introductory Philosophy Course

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    Teaching Argument Evaluation in An Introductory Philosophy Course ABSTRACT: One of the greatest challenges in teaching an introductory philosophy course is convincing students that there are, indeed, reliable standards for the evaluation of arguments. Too often introductory students criticize an argument simply by contesting the truth of one of its claims. And far too often, the only claim in an argument that meets serious objections is its conclusion. For many students, the idea that an argument

  • A Critical Evaluation of the Deductive Argument from Evil

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    Deductive Argument from Evil Logically, can Evil and the “three-O” God co-exist in this universe? The deductive argument from evil says they cannot. In this essay I will explain the argument and analyze why it is valid but unsound. I will do this by discussing fallacious nature of the premise that if God were omnipotent and knew he could prevent the existence of evil without sacrificing some greater good he would then necessarily prevent it. The essay will propose the following evaluation of the

  • Evaluation Argument On Nascar Driver Elite Athletes

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    Susan Neilson English 1010-126717 Evaluation Argument October 25, 2011 NASCAR Drivers Elite Athletes In 2011 Golden Tate, Detroit Lions wide receiver, tweeted that driving a car does not make someone athletic. In 2013 Donovan McNabb, retired NFL quarterback, made a comment that he did not consider Jimmie Johnson an athlete. The remarks were fueled when Jimmie Johnson, six-time champion in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series, was nominated for Best Male Athlete at ESPN’s Espy Awards in 2011. Merriam-Webster

  • Evaluation Argument 'Hills Like White Elephants'

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    Ernest Hemingway: Hills Like White Elephants A white elephant is an idiom for a valuable but burdensome possession, but also it means a rare and sacred creature. In Ernest Hemingway’s short story Hills Like White Elephants, Hemingway uses an unborn child as a white elephant. This short story depicts a couple of an American man and young women at a train station somewhere in Spain. Hemingway tells the story from watching the couple from across the bar and listening to their troublesome conversation

  • The Metaphysic Of Abstract Particulars

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    Introduction: In this paper I will present the arguments for tropes and their distinction from universals and particulars as presented by Keith Campbell in his paper “The Metaphysic of Abstract Particulars.” I will then present a counter argument to Campbell’s evaluation and provide possible responses to those arguments. I will also provide possible adjustments Campbell could make to create a more sound argument. Campbell’s Argument: Since Plato, two mutually exclusive yet essential categories

  • Argumentative Speeches: A Comparative Analysis

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    Question: Compare and contrast the arguments of the speeches. Which argument do you find the most compelling? Why? Webster's argument on the issue of slavery takes a logical and extensive approach to the bill on the floor of the house. He notes the fact that slavery, as an evil act is as old as the world itself. Slavery existed among the Jews despite the fact that there was no injunction in relation to the horrible act within the society. Webster argues on the existence of slavery among the Greeks

  • The Debate On The Issue Of Poverty

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    position, refute the opponent 's argument, provide solutions, provide a stimulating counter examination, and effectively answer questions from the judges. Other logistical aspects of the debate that will be judged on is the ability to efficiently use time and allocate it between team members, as well as refraining from interrupting other debates and keeping an appropriate volume and demeanor. There are various general questions that will be utilized in my evaluation of the debate. Did the teams address

  • Using Three Principles of the Global Business Standard Codex, Evaluate the Use of Child Labour in a Global Economy.

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    | There are at least 3 arguments which: * Are somewhat related to the essay question * Support the thesis statement * Use descriptive ethics and * Are ordered in a logical sequence. | There are at least 3 arguments which: * Are mostly related to the essay question * Support the thesis statement * Use descriptive ethics and * Are ordered in a logical sequence. | There are at least 3 arguments which: * Are directly related to the essay question