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  • Ultimate Art Exhibit, a Journey through Time Essay

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    many works of art and many different possible locations that could be considered when trying to create would be classified as “The Ultimate Art Exhibit”. For my project, I have decided to place my Art exhibit inside of Rome, Italy for many reasons. One of which is that Rome is known to have very beautiful building architecture and is known for great masterpieces such as The Pantheon and also the Colosseum. Due to the extremely high number of tourists that Rome gets year-round, if an art gallery that

  • The Civil War and American Art Exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Review

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    American Art exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. There were a number of different people who were present on this occasion. I believe there were so many people there because this is one of the better known art galleries throughout New York. Additionally, the fact that today was part of the weekend probably contributed to the massive crowds of people present. Not everyone was there to attend the Civil War and American Art exhibit, however; there were several other exhibits taking place

  • Essay on Art Exhibit

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    Art Exhibit      The art exhibit was in the Gordon Hightower Library. The exhibit was on Thursday, April 10, 2002 and lasted all day long and is still going on. There were not many paintings, but the two main painters were Marlin Adams and R. Defamore. Adams painted portraits of fruit and people. Defamore painted a series of paintings that were all similar but very different and dark such as “The Victim- Talking Hand and Screaming Heads” and “The Hero-To Tell Or Not To

  • The Art Of Art : Essa Wenthe Art Exhibit

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    The title of this show is Elissa Wenthe Art Exhibit. At first glance, I thought that I had stepped into a Dr. Seuss book. The tree figures in the middle were quite whimsical and free. The textures on the trees were very fluffy and light. The tiles on the wall were the exact opposite. They reminded me of an industrial park. They were metallic, hard, and formidable looking. At first, I thought the artist had just glued a bunch of trash to a board and spray painted it silver. The fact that it was actually

  • The African Exhibit At The Art Institute Of Chicago

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    The African exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago is difficult to find. At the end of a shotgun wing consisting of Japanese, Korean, and other East Asian art, and beyond Native American art, sits the one-room gallery for African art. Here, most of the objects could be considered fashions, tools, or domestic objects. There is a bizarre absence of chronology, and the objects seem too similar to speak for Africa at large– as if everything on display arose from the same historical situation and from

  • Art Exhibit on Brown Versus Board of Educaiton Essay

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    Like A Fish out of Water I’ll be the first to admit it: I cannot understand art for the life of me. That being said, I’m somehow always tricked into thinking I do. I’ve tried my hand at being one of those intellectuals who goes to art museums for recreation, and enjoys analyzing pictures, paintings and monochromic blobs. But every time I drag myself to a museum, I end up discovering the same three truths about myself: 1. I’m horrible at grasping the artist’s message. 2. I get

  • Themes And Explanations Of Tasmania 's Museum Of Old And New Art 's New Exhibit ' The Red Queen

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    BE. AND WHAT IT WOULDN 'T BE, IT WOULD. YOU SEE?” ALICE - LEWIS CARROL (ALICE 'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS QUOTES, N.D.) This essay will explore the themes and explanations of Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art’s new exhibit ‘The Red Queen’ and a chosen piece, ‘Deluxe Suicide Service’, 1994; an intense mixed media sculpture by the artist Meghan Broody. Lewis Carrol was very creative in putting some order and sense in his

  • The San Antonio Art Museum

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    Antonio Art Museum was called “28 Chinese”. This exhibit was based on the artwork of 28 contemporary Chinese artists. Throughout the exhibit, it was discussing the fall of communism, poverty, the essence of time, resistance, rebellion and the conservation of history. Some of the artwork I saw were created by Zhu Jinshi, Qiu Zhijie, Zhang Huan, and Shang Yixin, just to name a few. The exhibit was on two floors of the museum. When I first entered the exhibit, it led me to a big white room with art being

  • UNM Art Museum

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    As of recently, I had visited the UNM Art Museum to explore their various exhibits. There were four art exhibits at this art museum; Mata Ortiz, The 22nd Annual Juried Graduate Exhibition, Remnants: Photographs From the Disfarmer Studio, and Lightning Speak. Each exhibit portrayed similar characteristics, such as color, seating, and physical space. As with each art gallery, white is the primary neutral color used to display each piece. The white posts used to display certain pieces and walls gave

  • Juried Exhibition Research Paper

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    Juried Exhibitions My first exhibits were juried exhibitions, where I responded to a call for entry and had work accepted into a group or solo exhibit. Typically, you submit a few images of works (3 is a pretty common) along with supporting material (artist statement, bio, resume, etc). There is usually a small fee to enter, around $30.00 or $40.00, which is the “jurors fee.” Juried exhibits are usually adjudicated by an art professional or team of art pros (artists, curators, dealers, and the like)