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  • Artificial Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

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    differing capabilities and quickly advancing levels of intelligence. Since machines have a rapidly expanding range of capabilities and intellect, they have the potential to pose a very real threat to humans in the coming years. “The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior” (Artificial) is known as artificial intelligence or AI; examples of which include Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Samsung’s Bixby. Modern artificial intelligence is termed narrow AI, which means that machines are


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    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Contents : Abstract : Introduction : History : Concepts : Branches of AI : Artificial Intelligence in fiction : Problems o 7.1 Deduction, reasoning, problem solving o 7.2 Knowledge representation o 7.3 Planning o 7.4 Learning o 7.5 Motion & manipulation o 7.6 Perception o 7.7 Social intelligence o 7.8 Creativity o 7.9 General intelligence  VIII : Tools o 8.1 Search & optimization o 8.2 Logic o 8.3 Probabilistic methods for uncertain reasoning

  • Artificial Intelligence

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    Two months ago Open AI’s artificial intelligence beat the world’s best Dota 2 player in a one versus one battle. Unlike chess or go, Dota 2 doesn't have any simple rules that can be converted into algorithms for the AI. Instead it was merely given the controls, a goal, and time. It learned how to play just from two weeks of failures against itself until it was better than every human. This is the first complex, non algorithmic victory for AI and it is slightly terrifying because it means they can

  • Artificial Intelligence : The Threat Of Artificial Intelligence

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    Artificial intelligence, the intelligence displayed by machines, has been a major topic discussed by the general public. Although we already make use of it today, some are against its future advancement. They fear that it will cause unemployment, bias towards races, and that it will eventually turn against humanity. On the other hand, some people are for the advancement of AI. They believe that it will help with energy savings,emergency management, and a company’s time saving. The most discussed

  • Artificial Intelligence : The Reality Of Artificial Intelligence

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    have, when it comes to technology. There is still a goal these creators have in mind that will truly be the ultimate technological advance, something that will be created with the idea of making the world a better place. That creation is Artificial intelligence or AI for short. The closest form of AI we have today is Siri, but siri is not a full on AI. Siri only functions when it is told to and it is only capable of very basic tasks. AI has to be as intelligent as a human brain and also as fast

  • Artificial Intelligence: The Heart Of Artificial Intelligence

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    GAME AGENTS In games, the purpose of AI is to create an intelligent agent, referred as a non player character (NPC). This agent acts as an opponent, an ally, or as a neutral entity in the game world. The heart of artificial intelligence is a gaming agent. An agent has three key steps through which it continually loops. The steps are commonly known as the sense-think-act cycle. 1Now coming across these steps, 1. SENSING The game agent must have information about the current state of the world to make

  • Human Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence

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    consensus on what human intelligence is, how it works, and how it is formed. There are several different theories as to what intelligence is, and there is no concrete explanation of intelligence. Despite these uncertainties, many have proposed the idea modeling human intelligence and creating artificial intelligence. Many see artificial intelligence as a way to bypass human error and to improve jobs by completing them faster and more accurately. They argue that artificial intelligence can be based on

  • Artificial Intelligence And Artificial Technology

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    The discussion of "artificial intelligence" is ultimately based on the development of computers. As early as 1930s, Turing, a scientist, tried to make an intelligent machine in his short life in accordance with his computational theory and even hoped to prove his theory-Any wisdom. After all, it was nothing but an extremely complicated operation. All of Turing's explorations focus on "wisdom," while the concept of "artificial intelligence" (Artificial Intelligence) was co-sponsored by John McCathy

  • Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

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    ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Name Mohammed Warsame Institutional Affiliation 26th January, 2015   Table of Contents Artificial Intelligence 3 Abstract 3 Project Outline 4 Introduction 5 Factors that inhibit a human from executing the rational decision 6 Soft Computing Domains Inspired by Biology 8 Soft Computing 8 Artificial Neural Network 9 Genetic Computing and Evolutionary Computing 10 Emotions and Artificial Intelligence 12 Neural Network Inheritance 12 Is there need to Inherit the Entirety of the

  • Human Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence

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    mentally, as this interaction was at an all-time high, we came up with intelligence. Intelligence has fascinated man since the dawn of time, and lead man to create one of the greatest innovations that rivaled human intelligence: artificial intelligence. The competition between human intelligence and artificial intelligence ultimately leads to the battle of nature and science. Eventually these two forms of intelligence, human and artificial, must coincide and it must be understood how each would interact