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  • Australia In Australia And The European Invasion Of Australia

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    Aboriginal Australians had been inhabiting Australia for 50,000 years before Europeans first started the process of settling the land in 1788. Lieutenant James Cook was instructed by the British royalty to take possession of Australia if it was uninhabited and if it was occupied, he was instructed to gain the consent of the local people before claiming the land. It was his decision that Australia was not owned by any particular group of people and reported back to Great Britain that the land was

  • Australia

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    always dreamed of visiting and living is Australia. Whenever I see Australia on TV everything looks beautiful. The people seem very friendly and warm. Culturally it seems like a good fit for me because the people are pretty easy going and so am I. The country is made up very similar to us in its people according to a few positives for me is that the infant mortality rate is lower and the life expectancy is a little higher in Australia. One big note is the obesity rate is

  • Australia, A Country Of Australia By John Bryson

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    Australia is a country of a very unique caliber. Beginning this book, I was not aware of much about Australia. The things that is mostly displayed about the country is that they have kangaroos and very large deserts. Bryson does a great job of describing the culture and events that can be enjoyed. He uses his own experiences to inform the reader of the adventure and excitement that resides in the country. Each trip that the author takes teaches about a new realm of Australia life. Bryson begins

  • Multiculturalism In Australia

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    It is clear that, for a number of reasons, Australia is indeed a lucky country – in fact, one of the most fortunate nations in the world. There are several advantages that our country has been granted with, especially in comparison to other countries across the globe. The multiculturalism of the Australian population must be celebrated, as well as the fact that we are fortunate to have a diverse and beautiful environment, along with ideal weather all-year round. Australians are also extremely privileged

  • Australia Essay

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    The legacy of this government was that it instigated major changes in the social and cultural fabric of Australia but it also challenged the philosophy of what an Australian is and what Australia represented. The late 1960s and early 1970s were times of great change. Perspectives and acceptances about imperialism, women's liberation, racism, ideology, religion, war, morality, social responsibility and the natural environment were changing for a great many people throughout the world. Some issues

  • Australia Essays

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    Australia- Trade and Immigration Background As Joycelyn has mentioned Australia's having greater and greater interaction with its Asian neighbours, through the areas of trade and its active role in the regional trade organization - APEC. Despite its location, Australia can hardly be thought of being an Asian country. Not so long ago, Asian were looked down upon, with a mixture of fear because of the communist aggression, pity because of their poverty, and contempt, as they dumped cheap and poorly

  • Australia Essay

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    The name of Australia comes from the Latin word Australis, which means southern. Since it lies entirely in the southern hemisphere, Australia is most commonly referred to as “down under”. Australia, being a country, is also a continent. In land area it’s the sixth largest for a country and the smallest continent.Australia is a very dry, thinly populated country. Very few coastal areas receive enough rainfall to support a large population. The largest group of Australian people live in two large

  • Immigration in Australia

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    A Baptist policy on immigration and asylum seekers The world currently faces a global refugee crisis with up to 40 million displaced people (the majority of whom are women and children). Australia currently accepts around 13,750 refugees each year as part of total planned annual immigration of around 182,000 people. This paper identifies social and political problems relating to asylum seekers and refugees. It examines the biblical teaching on a responsible Christian approach to asylum seekers

  • Australia 's International Relations Between Australia And Japan

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    “Today Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse societies in the world. Almost one in every four Australian residents was born outside of the Australian boarders and many more are first or even second generation Australians. These children and grandchildren would have recently arrived as migrants or refugees, But in the ninetieth and twentieth century, Migration was not accepted the same way. Australia had various laws that aimed to keep people who were from non-european backgrounds out of

  • Immigration And Immigration Of Australia

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    have come to Australia as new immigrants and they had a marked influence on all aspects of society. In the 50 years Australia has welcomed about 5.9 millions of migrants comprising about 3.1 million males and 2.8 million females (Queensland Govt., n.d). More than 599 000 people have arrived under humanitarian programs, initially as displaced persons and more recently as refugees. Statistics from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship reported that during this same period in Australia, approximately