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  • The Automobile : The Invention Of The Automobile Industry

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    History of Automobile: The emphasis of this research is to focus on history of automobile industry. Explining how transportation has come into being and how it eventually transformed to modern era car which we all enjoy and have built our lives around it. The intrigue to invent an automobile ha began as early as 17th century. Ever since the automobile invention, it has never slowed down, but the demand has significantly increased. Even before the automobile industry came into being, domestic

  • The Automobile And The Environmental Impacts Of The Automobile Industry

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    heart of the first automobile that we are familiar with today. At the time however, the early inventors and pioneers of the automobile industry thought just of their work as a “horseless carriage” and nothing more, none of them anticipated the age of the automobile that was about to be ushered in, for they just saw the new technology strictly in the context of what it was meant to replace. The automobile however, developed into so much more, becoming one of the defining industries of the entire 20th

  • The Automobile Industry Of The American Industry

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    The modern automobile was refined in Germany and France in the late 1800s, American however, dominated the industry via Henry Ford who built his first Car in 19896 and went on to revolutionize the automobile industry by inventing the assembly line. The major automobile companies in the American Industry are global corporations. Notable are following companies with some of the cars they produce; General Motors - Produces Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick and Cadillac; Daimler Chrysler - Chrysler, Jeep and

  • The Invention Of The Automobile Industry

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    There is a well known proverb that applies to many industries that goes “Necessity is the mother of all invention,” but, when it comes to the automobile industry it’s hard to say necessity was the main driving force, as opposed to, say, money. The mechanics of an automobile, and most other power-based machines, revolve around the invention of the internal combustion engine in the early 1860’s and it’s later commercialized application; at first it was more of a luxury item but soon after investors

  • Ontology of the Automobile Industry

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    Ontology of automobile Automobile industry is expand and improved time to time start from 1769 until now. We are now got a comfortable and convenient car. Different with last few centuries that the only can run 10 mph and only can last for 10 to 15 minutes. Before go furthers, lets understand the meaning of automobile. According to the Merriam-Webster automobile is four-wheeled automotive vehicle that been designed for people transportation and commonly used an internal-combustion engine that used

  • Industry Analysis : Automobile Industry

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    Automobile Industry Analysis The automobile industry is one of the world’s largest industries, and despite the recession in 2008, the industry shows progress in climbing its way back to the top. The automobile industry includes more than 200 companies, with a combined annual revenue of $230 billion (First Research, Para 3). The purpose of this report is to analyze the industry and relevant trends, in order to evaluate the attractiveness of entering this industry. Macro Environment and Drivers of

  • China and the Automobile Industry

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    #### This is incomplete ### China has emerged as the center of focus in the automobile industry. From its mere production of trucks in the earlier years of development and the further production of saloon cars for specific members of the political class, the country has evolved to be leading producer and consumer of cars. This has been through various pitfalls in the process of growth with success and failure of certain policies. One of the significant events that were followed by a spur in the

  • The American Automobile Industry

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    The American Auto Industry has flourished ever since it’s uprising in the early 1900s. “Although the blueprint for the modern automobile was perfected in Germany and France in the late 1800s, Americans dominated the industry in the first half of the twentieth century. Henry Ford innovated mass-production techniques that became standard, with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler emerging as the “Big Three” auto companies by the 1920s (Foner & Garraty 1991).” But this industry has always been one of the

  • Ford Of The Automobile Industry

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    grown to be the second largest U.S. based car manufacturer, and the fifth largest in Europe. Industry and Customer Value The customer base for automobiles is diverse and has different requirements and desires for automobiles. The auto industry has recognized these requirements and desires and manufactures various models to accommodate the customers. Ford is a true innovator in the automobile industry. They have made such headway mainly because they figured out to mass produce their cars quickly

  • The Invention Of The Automobile Industry

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    innovative inventions of the 19th century was the invention of the automobile. It is clear that the automobile industry has changed the way people and goods travel. The industry basely existed until a man named Henry Ford made the automobile accessible to the public. He put into full motion what we now know today as the automobile industry. Henry Ford had both changed the automobile industry, as well as the manufacturing industry. Ford did this with the way he used the assembly line manufacturing