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  • My Best Friend : My Best Friend

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    good and him makes good decisions but not really. Elias is my best friend. Elias coming to my apartment for the first time. First I told my mom if someone can come to our apartment she said yes 2 people and I picked Elias and Bryan first we played Fifa 15 this happened a long time ago .after that we picked teams I picked team Barca he picked team Real Madrid. I won then the next game he won.Me and Elias are best friends we both care about each other whenever someone fights with Elias I get

  • My Best Friend

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    I knew something was wrong the summer my best friend walked through me. Katie was like any other normal eight year old. She loved princesses, castles, and had an imagination like I had never experienced. Katie and I had been friends since she was two years old and had always been inseparable. Everywhere Katie went, I went. Our friendship was one of perfection, filled with elegant tea parties, heroic missions, and sleepy bedtime ballads. Katie was my everything and I was hers, at least until that

  • My Best Friend

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    I was afraid of losing one of my best friends due to having feelings for someone I didn’t know that well for a while, but gradually got closer as we hung out nearly day over the summer for two years in a row. I ignored my feelings for a while and brushed it aside, until I decided to step up and confess. It didn’t change anything between us, which I’m thankful for. I eventually learned to just listen to my heart, regardless of what could happen. For better or for worse, I’m glad I did what I did

  • My Best Friends

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    From Enemies to Best Friends First day of 7th grade was amazing! Final period came and it was computer class. We would just sit on the computers and learn how to type fast. Once I finished I would play online games while everyone else got into groups. I sat alone because I had recently transferred to a new school due to moving to a new house. My first day of school finished and I had no clue how to get home, I had to remember what my grandma told me and just trust my gut. Walking home wasn't so

  • My Best Friend

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    was little, pretending to be a spy, capturing the unwelcome gentlemen, adventurous, curious, and peculiar. But, there was also my best friend Chris with me. Although, what could I have ever done to him? There were times that Chris and I would go on these adventures, where we would try to capture all of the money from these top spy ninjas. Chris and I used to be best friends and somehow driven into this extended argument that I wasn't even part of. In my whole life, I basically grew up in the military

  • My Best Friend

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    Quiet, nothing comes out of my mouth as I watch my two best friends giggling with their so-called “new friend”. I watch as I stand next to my rusting faded blue locker squeaking as I shut it. Her blonde hair, tan skin, and short posture resembles mine as she walks down the cluttered 7th grade hallway. Jadyn, my friend joyfully runs to me with a delighted smile, it’s hard to miss her when she’s wearing her favorite bright neon green shirt. Her almond hair is all over her face from her voyage over

  • My Best Friend

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    that friends may not always be what you would like them to be, nor will they always stay as the person you had first knew. There was this girl that I met in my class that I had decided to befriend with my best friend. At first, we had fun times together. We did the things that any best friends would do: laugh, play games while hanging out, and talk about random things like unicorns for hours. It was totally drama free, and mostly everything was running smoothly. It was not until my friend, the

  • My Best Friends

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    lives in Arizona. The fact that somehow the 3 of us all came back together 6 years after and many miles apart is what makes blueberry cove special. In the past 6 years I’ve met so many people I wouldn’t be friends with anywhere else. Here you spend a week with people that become your best friends, I spent a total of 44 days over 4 years with some girls I still consider family even if I haven’t seen them in years. One of those girls lives in Ireland and I would feel fine flying over and staying with

  • Kat : A Best Friend

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    brought back memories, but Phillipa wouldn’t allow herself to reminisce now. Kat had called her here for a reason, though she sounded unbelievably distant due to her raging fever, and Phillipa had to fulfill her duty as a best friend; they take care of each other when they’re at their best, and their worst. Kat was currently at her worst, and home alone. Moreover, because Kat was too ill to care for herself, Phillipa would have to take over for Kat’s extremely inattentive parents, as was the norm in their

  • My Best Friend

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    A best friend can mean different types of things to an individual. To me, they are your closest and most special friend you know. You do practically everything with them. Some think you can only have one best friend and some think you can have more than one like me; I have two, Anil and Rose. I’ve known Anil since the sixth grade, but he didn’t become my best friend until the ninth grade. We ironically disliked each other in middle school because his group thought I was annoying vice versa, so we