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  • Body Piercing 101 Essay

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    Body Piercing 101      There are various aspects through which people identify themselves. People are always sending some sort of message out at all times. These messages are means of communications about the individual to his or her peers and to society. Styles of dress, language, music, and dance are some of the ways that describes one’s own unique symbols, values, and meanings. One other signifier of identity is body piercing. Body piercing is a form of body modification

  • The Practice of Body Piercing

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    functioning part of the body or going ‘under the knife’ to alter ones genitalia? The pressure for a person to meet standards of beauty are everywhere one looks. From the dazzling models seen on billboards on the way to the supermarket, to to extensive advertising to buy a product to transform one’s body, the pressure for someone to alter their body is everywhere. By giving a brief history of body modification, giving examples of the way that individuals modify their bodies today, and explaining

  • Tattoos and Body Piercings

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    Tattoos and Body Piercings Throughout time body piercings and tattoos have become a very common trend in today’s society. Body art including both piercings and tattoos have been around for many years, it used to be a way of communicating through each other but it has now become more of a fashion trend especially among today’s youth. Not only do tattoos and piercings have their own type of fashion but they can also represent many things such as religious traits. Many people ignore the dangers that

  • Tattoos and Body Piercing in the Workforce

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    Tattoos and Body Piercing in the Workforce What canvas holds some of the most creative artwork today? If you guessed the human skin, you would be right. However, about three decades ago, one would only find these types of markings and insignias on what would be considered the “rough” crowd: bikers, sailors, gang members, and prison inmates. Today; however, tattoos and piercings can be seen on nearly anyone from the age of 15 and up. Not to mention, these body modifications can be found on all

  • The Effects Of Tattoos And Body Piercings

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    tattoos , body piercings, or even dreadlocks you begin to form opinions on that person. It’s called judging a book by it’s cover, but it’s so commonly done that it doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything wrong when you’re judging that person. In two separate texts titled, “Tattoos and Body Piercings: Self Expression or Self Mutilation?” by Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, and “Dreadlocked,” by Veronica Chambers, it’ll explain the different stereotypes and repercussions of getting tattoos, body piercings, or

  • Body Modifications: Tattoos and Body Piercings Essay

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    How far is too far when it comes to body modifications, such as tattooing and body piercing. Until those who tattoo and pierce to excess, realize the stigma they are placing on the art, the United States government should regulate where and to what degree tattoo artists can legally tattoo or pierce. To answer the question of why people tattoo, one would have to look back to how the early civilization made a living and their opinions on the world around them. Prehistoric people may have been the

  • Body Art : Tattoos And Piercings In The Workplace

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    Body art in the workplace has been and will continue to be a controversial topic to discuss. Tattoos and piercings do not come even slightly close to affecting the kind of person someone is and how well their work ethic is. It should not affect a person’s likeliness of being hired. Even in today’s modern and generally accepting world, a world where most “abnormal” things are considered normal, there is still a rather large amount of people in this world who are against tattoos and piercings in the

  • Tattoos vs. Body Piercings Essay

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    Tattoos vs. Body Piercings Your 18th birthday is one of the most important birthdays. You are finally of legal age to get a tattoo or a body piercing. The difficult question you now face is which one do you choose? You would love either, so the decision is mainly based on the expense, aftercare, permanence, and the pain of each. Both are great ways of self-expression but body piercing is an overall better idea. The aftercare of a tattoo is complex for the first couple of weeks. The tattoo

  • Acceptance of Tattoos and Body Piercing in a Modern Age

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    Acceptance of Tattoos and Body Piercing in a Modern Age Andrew Sullivan Axia College of University of Phoenix According to the most recent Harris Poll, which took place in 2003, about 15% of all Americans have at least one tattoo. That translates into about 40 million people. Tattoos are becoming much more popular based on comparing those statistics to the results of a 1936 Life magazine estimates of 10 million Americans had at least one tattoo. As for body piercing, no statistics are kept

  • Body Piercing: Reclamation, Enhancement, And Self-Expression

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    In America the practice of body piercing is everywhere, especially among young people, who are getting several parts of their bodies pierced either as an affirmation of their personal individuality, as a means of sexual gratification or stimulation, a reclamation of their bodies from physical or emotional trauma, or for as a means of adornment. Whatever the reason, it's widespread. Body piercing is the piercing of the ears, nose, septum, cheeks, lip, tongue, nipples, navel, clitoris, labia, penis