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    to be done in moulding an effective army. While most of the soldiers in the entrenched works fought tenaciously, the intended reinforcements on Bunker Hill refused to advance to the support of their comrades and there was the greatest confusion between the officers as to precedence. The British attack on Breed's Hill The British attack on Breed's Hill seen from behind Charlestown The battle had a number of lessons for the British. The senior officers had little idea how to conduct a battle with

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    The Battle of Bunker Hill By Connor Estes Honors U.S History 1 Mr. Murphy Groton Dunstable Regional High School January 18, 2016 People may believe that the Bunker Hill Monument is a simple representation of an American pastime that occurred during the Revolutionary War, but there is much more to it than some may believe. The actions that took place on June 17, 1775 became a very crucial, and telling role to how the success of the American forces would come during the Revolutionary War

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    The Battle of Bunker Hill is one of the first battles of the American Revolution,it is after the battles of Lexington and concord about two months.(Brown 2)Although commonly referred to as the Battle of Bunker Hill, most of the fighting occurred on nearby Breed’s Hill,which is in Charlestown, Massachusetts.(McGill 1)The battle is on June 17,1775.The British wanted to extend their control outside the limits of Boston.(Grayson 40)After three attack,Americans fight hard but lose.(Brown 3) In June,thousands

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    The Battle of Bunker Hill The battle of Bunker’s Hill was one of the most important battles during the Revolutionary War. On June 17, 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill took place. Fought during the Siege of Boston, it lent considerable encouragement to the revolutionary cause. This battle made both sides realize that this was not going to be a matter decided on by one quick and decisive battle. The battle of Bunker Hill was not just an unplanned, random attack on British soldiers preformed by a

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    Did you know that a bake sale raised money to build the Bunker Hill Monument, or that the battle of Bunker hill mostly took place on Breed’s Hill, but it was confused with Bunker Hill. The American Revolutionary war had many Battles one of the battles was the battle of Bunker/Breeds Hill. It was a battle like no other, there are many things one must know about the Battle. The different sides are one of the most important things about the battles and how they struggled through times, like when the

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    the Revolutionary War. One of them is the most important battle that is related to the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Bunker Hill is the most important because it was our first battle in which we won, the people that fought had helped us get to where we are today, and finally, it was the bloodiest battle and the most important battle in American History. The Battle of Bunker hill was the first battle of the Revolutionary war. This was also one of the bloodiest battles, and it actually wasn’t supposed

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    but the effect is no different. The walls are sturdy, they can be torn down. The British come marching up the hill, guns are clutched in their hands. You hear the son of a gun fire, and then another gun fires, and another. Your commander shouts, “Fire”. You load your gun and press the trigger. Bang! The fight has begun. The Battle The British soldiers wanted to capture Bunker Hill, and by doing so, they would gain control over the entire Boston Harbor.

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    The Battle of Bunker Hill traces back to December 1773, when a group of Colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians boarded three ships from the East India Company. These rebels led by Sam Adams proceeded to dump chests filled with tea into the Boston Harbor. This act, known as the Boston Tea Party, was the result of years of exploitation and mistreatment from the British; it was the breaking point for the Colonists and symbolized a shift in their loyalty. As punishment the British imposed the Intolerable

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    of Bunker Hill No one likes being told what to do. In a way the Battle of Bunker Hill started the same way as an argument would between a parent and a teenager. This is one of the many things that have caused problems between other countries, they give people more freedom and eventually they want more independence. Somethings said and done also can’t be undone or said, no one can go back. The Battle of Bunker Hill is one of the battles that occurred because of this. The Battle of Bunker Hill occurred

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    The Battle at Bunker Hill had many events leading up to, and causing the event. The first of these was the Battle at Lexington and Concord which ultimately slowed the British down and keeping them inside Boston by Minute Men. Then Fort Ticonderoga was captured by Benedict Arnold, and the Green Mountain Boys. These two events were the start of the tensions between Great Britain and the Colonies. Later this tension became physical and appearing on the battle field. The Colonies decided they needed