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  • Business Law And Ethics : Backoffice Business Brief

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    Running head: BACKOFFICE BUSINESS BRIEF 1 Business Law and Ethics BackOffice Business Brief Patten University BACKOFFICE BUSINESS BRIEF 2 Constitutional Rights and Guarantees BackOffice is a new startup business that will provide potential clients with an application (app) that woul d automate certain business functions. BackOffice will be selling the app to certain business clients that will use it to facilitate their customers’ transactions. It is important that the owner of this company seek

  • Business Law

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    2012 – OCTOBER SEMESTER 2012 STUDENT NAME: CHU THI HONG TUYEN ID No.: 2448481 BMLW5103 – BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT Question 1 Discuss the enforceability of an agreement which lacks consideration. Using legal authorities (relevant statutes and cases) to support your discussion. Answer: A valid contract is an agreement made between two or more parties that creates rights and obligations that are enforced by law. What does the consideration mean? And what does it effect to the agreement? Consideration

  • Legal Underpinnings of Business Law Essay

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    Legal Underpinnings of Business Law OMM 670: Legal Environment February 25, 2013 Legal Underpinnings of Business Law Business | Type of Business | Liability Exposure | Compare | Contrast | Tinker’s Home Security Service | Sole proprietorship | Unlimited | Monetary rewards are from both the Proprietor & business | Sole Liability | Tinker & Tailor’s Home Security Service | General partnership | Unlimited | All partners are responsible whether silent or active | If you are

  • Law 531 Business Forms Worksheet

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    University of Phoenix Material Business Forms Worksheet There are seven forms of business: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company (including the single member LLC), S Corporation, Franchise, and Corporation. 1. Research and provide three advantages and three disadvantages for each business form. 2. Provide a 100- to 200-word summary in which you provide an example business that you would start for each form. What is legally necessary to file

  • Business Law

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    B Bai 1 : Business Law: 40. Principle of Law: In this case, Esposito hired Excel Construction Company to repair a porch roof. All terms of the agreement were specified in a written contract. And the dispute occurred when Excel had repaired the rear porch roof because in the agreement failed to specify whether it was the front or rear porch that needed repair. Under civil law, two parties here had signed a civil contract in writing. Because the contract failed to specify clearly front or rear

  • Business Law : Labor And Employment Law

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    Business Law: Labor and Employment Law Each and every day business throughout the United States are met with challenging situations that are centered around labor and employment law. As the director of human resources for Company X, I have been tasked with analyzing three situations that may or may not violate any federal acts. The federal acts that will be considered are the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), and the Americans with

  • Business Law Development Of Mongolia

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    Course Paper Myagmarsuren Jargal International American University BUS 540: Business Law for Managers Flavia LLoyd June 28, 2015 Business Law Development Issues in Mongolia Mongolia is a developing country, which is encountering challenges to develop modern business law. During the twentieth century, Mongolia had been a socialist country and developed almost fifty years of non-private property regime. However, the end of the twentieth century, the country changed its regime to democratic

  • Business Ethics and Law

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    Business Law Scenario 1: Falsifying a Resume (Ethics and Law -- Chapter 2) Peter Crist is almost always correct. The reality is that if someone lies or covers stuff up, most of the time they will be found out eventually be it in two days or in 20 years. However, the reality is that some people do lie and cover stuff up in professional and personal situations and are never exposed. Sometimes this is because they're in a situation where dishonesty is prized, other times it's because the people around

  • Introduction to Business Law

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    Business law LAW OF CARRIAGE:- Defination of law of carriage: Law of carriage means carrying goods from one place to another against the price. It is the branch of business. Carriage is the basis for the management and operation of business successfully and effectively. It is the factor of business activity that helps to mobilize the labor, raw material, and tools and machinery etc. Modern business activity are based on the exchange of goods and transportation of goods from one place to another

  • Business Law

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    Chapter 1 THE NATURE AND SOURCES OF LAW A. Nature of Law and Legal Rights 1. LEGAL RIGHTS 2. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS 3. THE RIGHT OF PRIVACY 4. PRIVACY AND TECHNOLOGY B. Sources of Law C. Uniform State Laws D. Classifications of Law Copyright 2010 Cengage Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. Licensed to: iChapters User 4 Part 1 The Legal and Social Environment of Business law – the order or pattern of rules that society establishes