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  • Essay On Caravaggio

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    Caravaggio is a popular Italian painter who is considered one of the fathers of modern painting. His full name is Michelangelo Merisi, was born in Italy around 1571 and when Caravaggio was 6 almost everyone his family was killed by the bubonic. At the age of 11, he started apprenticing with a painter name Simone Peterzano in Milan and moved to Rome early 1588. His works became very popular and known well as used tenebrism technique which used shadow to emphasize lighter areas. However, his career

  • Caravaggio And The Caravaggesque

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    Caravaggio, arguably one of the best Baroque-artists of all time. Best known for his extremely detailed, and realistic style of Baroque art, which, when paired together with Annibale Carracci’ (1560 - 1609 ) classical style, allowed for him to overshadow the almost-mundane style of Mannerism. Though he was not considered the best artist of his time, when he was alive, he managed to reinvigorate religious art in both Rome and Naples, allowing for wide-spread change in the religious art world, that

  • Caravaggio Essay

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    The Controversial Caravaggio The Italian Renaissance, which occurred between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, was a period of dramatic cultural change where tremendous achievements were made in literature, architecture and art. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, born in Milan, Italy on September 28, 1571, was a Renaissance artist. He is remembered for his revolutionary yet controversial art which was often deeply rooted in religion. Caravaggio painted during the Counter-Reformation when

  • Martha and Mary Magdalene by Caravaggio

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    understanding a work of art then just looking at it. In order to understand a piece, you have to understand the Artist, the time period, and the symbols in that painting that may have very different meaning today. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio better known as simply Caravaggio was an Italian Baroque master painter born in Italy around 1571. After he apprenticed with a painter in Milan, he moved to Rome, where he lived for most of his life. His work influenced painters around Europe. He’s most known for

  • Caravaggio, Death of St. Matthew Essay

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    Caravaggio, Death of St. Matthew Michelangelo de Caravaggio is one of the most renowned and popular artists of the Baroque Period. In fact, many paintings from this period, as well as after have been described as “Caravagesque.” Caravaggio’s works are some of the most popular in Italy, as well as around the world, and have been put into there own stylistic group. In his painting, the Martyrdom of St. Matthew, there contains certain characteristics that make the painting easily recognizable

  • Essay on Compare and Contrast Caravaggio and Gentileschi

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    Her father was a painter named Orazio Gentileschi, who taught her how to draw and paint. Influenced by Caravaggio's work, Gentileschi also used chiaroscuro in her work and created beautifully dramatic pieces. Like Caravaggio, she also was able to depict a moment of elevated drama in her work and was totally capable of emphasizing it. In the time that she lived, women generally were not painters; very few women even attempted it, but Gentileschi was the first woman

  • Essay on Howard Hibbard's "Caravaggio"

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    Howard Hibbard's Caravaggio is an insightful look into the troubled mind and life of one of the most discussed artists of all time, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.  Hibbard immediately expands on his belief that Caravaggio is the most important "Italian painter of the entire seventeenth century."  Furthermore, his paintings "speak to us more personally and more poignantly than any others of the time."  Caravaggio is an artist whose life was far different from all other contemporary

  • Caravaggio In The Calling Of St. Matthew

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    Caravaggio was born as Michelangelo Merisi in Italy around 1571. He was left alone at age 11 and apprenticed with an artist in Milan. He moved to Rome, where his effort became prevalent for the tenebrism method he used, which used shadow to highlight brighter areas. His profession, however, was short-lived. Caravaggio murdered a man during a brawl and fled Rome. He died not long after, on July 18, 1610. Even though Caravaggio was rejected after his death, he finally came to be recognized as one of

  • A Controversial Painter of Post-Renaissance, Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio

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    Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio (1571-1610) is heralded as the last, and the most controversial painter of the Italian post-Renaissance. In an age when the papacy itself was self-indulgent, corrupt and immoral, Caravaggio's sexual ambivalence, his propensity for violence and his scorn for the law made him the enfant terrible of the Italian aristocracy. Qualities that only succeeded in furthering Caravaggio’s notoriety and success. Caravaggios endeavors into art began In 1584 when he was apprenticed

  • Art History And Its Impact On Art

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    Art history allows for a greater understanding of the progression of human thought and how conditions from one time period to another are reflected in art. Humanity represents itself through art and by doing so we are able to take a deeper look into the mentality and emotions that were held within a certain time period. Human studies such as cultural studies or history only highlight small specific areas of humanity while art history combines the two and gives a comprehensive look into all factors