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  • Child Care

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    adhere to it? The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 - which includes rights that ensure children are safe and looked after, children are protected from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect, negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation including sexual abuse by those looking after them. Children Act 1989 - Parents and professionals must work to ensure the safety of the child. Local Authority has ‘a duty to investigate when there is a reasonable

  • Child Care Observation

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    greet the child and parent and ask a few questions about the child’s well-being questions like: “How are you feeling today?” In addition to the physical daily health checks, I noticed the minute I entered the school area that there where posters about the process of daily health checks and other ones like a “keep your child at home” poster in the check in area, and the front doors of each classroom. The final thing I observed was that the check in area is at the front desk and unless the child is checked

  • Essay on Child Care

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    When assessing a child you must be careful to take into account confidentiality before carrying out an observation you must have parents and the settings permission and not to leave confidential material lying around they must be secured in a locked cabinet. Only talk to authorized personal about confidential material. This confidentially can only be broken when a child is at real risk. When carrying out observations you must take account of the child’s wishes and feelings if a child is upset or wants

  • Business Report: Tree House Child Care

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    Business Report: Tree House Child Care This report was prepared to advise Lynda Kelly on how to manage her businesses Tree House Child Care Centres. This report explains defines Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (POLC) can be used to manage the business, outlines the ethical and social responsibilities of the business and analyses some of the future prospects of Tree House Child Care. POLC The main role of management is to coordinate the business functions(Operations, Employment

  • Should the Government Pay for Child Care for Working Mothers?

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    significantly to their societies. To help these women work effectively without being bogged down by child rearing, do you agree that the government should build child-care centres and subsidise child-care expenses? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. (500 words) ----------------------------------------------------- The question about whether the women should stay at home to take care of their babies or should they go to work to earn money for the family is still a major controversy

  • Benefits Of Child Care

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    Benefits of Child Care Care centers provide child care on a regular basis inside or outside of the child’s home. These programs help teach children the information they need to be successful later in their lives. Daycares also aid parents in taking care of children when they begin working again after a baby’s birth and throughout most of the child’s young life. Early child care centers have been around for many years; therefore, there are a variety of centers for the parent to choose from. The history

  • Child Care Facilities For Children

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    of care outside the home, which adds up to more than 12,500 hours spent in a child development center for a child. Due to the large amount of time spent in a child care facility, it is vital that the facility be designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for the healthy development of children. While many child care facilities are encouraged to provide an environment that will foster learning and growth for its early childhood students, the first priority for all child care

  • A Philosophy Statement On Child Care

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    A philosophy Statement In this program our child care providers have a hands-on interaction with the children. They guide our early learners through child directed play. The child care staff provides different learning opportunities by supplying an array of activities based on the children’s interests. This program will allow the children an opportunity to become leaders in their learning, by exploring and discovering their play environment on their own, with peers and through guidance from the

  • Varied Child Care Strategies

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    - Some Varied Child Care Strategies That Help Children's Personal and Social Development With so many children attending day-care centres today while their parents are at work, it is important that these centres help children to achieve personal and social development at the proper rate. The best way for these centres to accomplish this task is to utilise effective child care strategies. Strategies just guide the educators through the process of assisting the children in their care in developing

  • Non Parental Child Care

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    Non Parental Child Care Non parental Child Care, and the Influences It has on Development Amara Washington SOC312 Nancy Russell July 9, 2012 Non Parental Child Care and the Influence it has on Development In today’s society more and more women are working outside of the homes and are not able to take care of the children on a full time bases. When the parents are unable to tend to their children, they have to seek help from an outside source. Years ago, it was natural for the mother